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Chemical Nature of Major Hormones
Chemical GroupHormoneMajor Source
Peptides and ProteinsGrowth HormonePosterior Pituitary Gland
ADH (Vasopressin)
ParathormoneParathyroid Gland
CalcitoninThyroid Gland
InsulinIslets of Langerhans (Pancreas)
GastrinStomach Mucosa
SecretinDuodenal Mucosa
AdrenalineAdrenal Medulla
AminesNoradrenalineSympathetic Nervous System and Adrenal Medulla
ThyroxineThyroid Gland
Releasing and inhibiting Hormones and Factors of the HypothalamusHypothalamus
Folicle stimulating HormoneAnterior Pituitary Gland
Luteinising Hormone
Thyroid stimulating Hormone
Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
OestrogenOvary and Placenta
CorticosteroidsAdrenal Cortex
Fatty AcidsProstaglandinsMany Tissues

Cell free part of Blood, contains salts, considerable amount of proteins
as well as more or less all constituents of body.
Modified tissue fluid, contains cells like lymphocyte and monocytes,
salts and small amount of proteins.
Flows within blood vesselsFlows within lymphatic vessels
Take part in nutrition, excretion, respiration etc. by transporting various
materials and helps in the defence mechanism of the body by producing antibodies.
Supplies nutrition to tissue devoid of blood supply, takes part in fat
absorption and defence mechanism of the body.
Can coagulate because if contains fibrinogen and prothrombin. Can coagulate but very slowly because it contains these two in small

General Studies Question Bank CD

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