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Comparison of Artery, Vein and Capillary
Transports Blood away from the Heart. Transports Blood towards the Heart. Link arteries to veins. Site of Exchange of Materials between Blood
and Tissues.
Tunica Media Thick and Composed of Elastic and Smooth Muscle Tissue. Tunica media relatively thin and only slightly muscular. Few elastic
No Tunica Media. Only tissue present is Squamous Endothelium. No Elastic
No Semilunar Valves (Except where they Leave Heart). Semilunar valves at intervals along the length to prevent backflow of
No Semilunar Valves.
Pressure of Blood is High and has a Pulse. Pressure of Blood is Low and no pulse Detectable. Pressure of Blood Falling and no Pulse Detectable.
Blood Flow RapidBlood Flow Slow Blood Flow Slow
Low Blood Volume Much higher Blood Volume than Capillaries or Arteries. High blood volume
Blood Oxygenated except in Pulmonary Artery. Blood Deoxygenated except in Pulmonary Vein. Mixed Oxygenated and Deoxygenated Blood.

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