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Indian Social Reformer History
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Indian Social Reformers are responsible for freeing the nation of several social and religious evils.

Time and again the Indian social reformers have successfully contributed in eradicating the social evils. While some voiced their support for women education, some Indian social reformers supported widow remarriage. Owing to their endeavours and reforms Indian society underwent sea changes.

In contemporary India the practice of Sati is banned; girls are provided proper education and most significantly, women are confident and aware to fight for their rights, irrespective of the fact they are homemakers or employed.

While discussing about the Indian social reformers it must be noted that initially it were primarily men who supported woman emancipation. Indian personalities like Swami Vivekananda, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, Dayanand Saraswati, Raja Ram Mohan Roy and others spoke up for the development and enlightenment of women.

The Indian social reformers` consistent efforts were recognised even by the British imperialists. Under the British rule the Indian social reformers also popularised Western education as they realised it was necessary for the Indians to know more about the world that lay beyond their own hearth.

In India society and religion are interconnected. Hence the religious evils, such as, superstition, blind faith and others have affected the society again and again. Alongside the religious leaders the Indian social reformers also strove to liberate the people from such prevalent vices.

The reformers in India have worked towards building a better nation without any bias. Hailing from different religious and social backgrounds, they have adopted simple methods to educate the masses. Songs, poetry in colloquial languages, moral tales, organising community works and others are some of the methods that the Indian social reformers implemented to achieve their aims.

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