Kartik Purnima Festival in India

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Kartik Purnima Festival in India

Time For The Festivity The whole month of ‘Kartika’ is considered to be the most sacred among all the twelve months of the year. During this month all the pious Hindus refrain from eating fish, meat or egg. All of them take pre-dawn bath and visit temples as a matter of routine. The last five days are considered more sacred, in which there is wide participation. Taken together the days are called ‘Panchaka’, the last day being the “Kartika Purnima”. Every day they take food only once in the afternoon which is known as ‘Habisha’.

A Five – Day Celebration Kartika Purnima

For all the five days the women after purificatory bath in the early morning draw beautiful flower – designs around the ‘chaura’ ( a small temple like structure with a ‘Tulsi’ plant overhead ).

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our powders produced indigenously. Fasting for the day is commonly observed. Most of the Shiva temples get crowded with devotees offering prayers to Lord Shiva who is said to have killed the demon ‘Tripurasura’ on this day. Group singing of ‘kirtans’ and loud beating of ‘Mrudanga’ and cymbals continue for the whole day.

The Kartik Poornima festival is considered very auspicious as it is believed that annually on this day, the gods come down on earth and make their homes in the sacred rivers.People take bath on this day in the river Ganga and other sacred rivers to eliminate negative forces and to yield positive results.

It is also known as Tripuri poornima and Tripurari Poornima. It is sometimes called Deva-Diwali or Deva-Deepawali – the festival of lights of the gods.

Kartik Purnima is the Full Moon day in Kartik month in a traditional Hindu calendar. Kartik Purnima is considered very auspicious and number of different rituals and pujas performed across the India. This year Kartik purnima is on Wednesday, 28th November, 2012.

In a few area people perform Tulsi Vishnu Vivah on this day. “Kratika Snan” or “Ganga Snan” Considered very auspicious on Kartik Purnima. Daan ( Donations ) also performed on this day.

There are different stories associated with kartik purnima. Lord Skanda ( Karthikeya ) killed demon Tarakasura on this day. Another legend tells that Lord Vishnu incarnated as Matsya on this day. Also God Shiva killed Tripurasura on this day.

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