Biography of Indian Governor K Sankaranarayanan

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Biography of Nagaland Governor – K Sankaranarayanan

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K Sankaranarayanan is the present governor of Arunachal Pradesh.

Kateekal Sankaranarayanan, the present governor of the Indian state of Nagaland, was sworn in on 3rd February, 2007.

Sankaranarayanan was also appointed Governor of Arunachal Pradesh for that he was sworn in on September 4, 2007. In the state government of Kerala, K Sankaranarayanan had previously served as a chief minister.

While he was asked about how he looked at his new assignment, he said, “I am accepting the new responsibility happily.”

K.Sankaranarayanan was born on 1932 and he is a senior Congress leader from Kerala. K Sankaranarayanan is a man who made himself lovable to all sections in the party.

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74-year-old Sankaranarayanan, served in governments headed by K Karunakaran in 1977 and A K Antony in 2001, acclaiming from the leftist hotbed of Palakkad district.

K Sankaranarayanan was known for his sociable character and winning manners. He has been served for long as convener of the UDF coalition, which was led by the Congress.

After the party split in 1969,  K.Sankaranarayanan has all along been a frontline Congress leader in Kerala. He held the portfolios of finance and agriculture in the state cabinet.

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