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Indian Freedom Fighter Khurshidben Naoraji Biography
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Khurshidben Naoraji  fearlessness and charisma kept up the tradition of self sacrificing services for the benefit of nation.

The sister of Perinben, Khurshidben to a great extent kept up the tradition of self-sacrificing service to the nation bequeathed to them by their grandfather, Dadabhai Naoraji. Khurshidben, with her talent and charisma further enriched it.

Khurshidben was a voracious reader and a person of wide and varied interests. She was well read and was acquainted with international politics and had thorough knowledge about the current political developments in countries like England, France, U.S.A and U.S.S.R.

Like her two sisters, Khurshidben too was keenly interested in Western music, both vocal and instrumental. She was very fond of Beethoven’s symphonies.

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Khurshidben was attracted by the teachings of Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan who was trying to convert the revolutionary Pathans into messengers of peace.

Later she went to the North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) and helped Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan in forging unity among Pathans, Pirs, Maliks and Khans.

Khurshidben Naoraji even desired to go to the interior tribal areas to spread the message of peace. However, the Government refused her permission. As a result, she crossed the border and was arrested and sent to jail.

It was Khurshidben who supported the workers (when they went on strike) of the Tata Steel Works at Jamshedpur during the Quit India Struggle. The workers addressed her as `Didi`.

She was arrested and lodged in Yeravda jail. Though born and brought up in luxury, she faced the rigors of jail life ungrudgingly. After her release, she devoted herself more into social and cultural activities.

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