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The presently serving chief minister of the Indian state Jharkhand is Madhu Koda.

I feel like hitting sixes like Mahendra Singh Dhoni` the unassuming independent MLA, Madhu Koda once remarked. He has really hit it big in a different way.

Madhu Koda is the youngest chief minister of Jharkhand at the age of 35. After a surprising turn of political events, Madhukar Koda has got an unexpected bonus, as the former Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh worker.

On September 18th, 2006, he was sworn in as the fifth Chief Minister of Jharkhand with eight people in the cabinet. To be the Chief Minister of an Indian State he is the first Independent member.

Madhu Koda was born on January 6, 1971 at Patahatu in West Singhbhum. Koda, a graduate, began his career as a social activist, hailing from a tribal farming community.

Madhu Koda plunged in to politics before he completed his matriculation with the All Jharkhand Students Union. Koda faced several hurdles in his political career.
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In due course he became associated with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). From Jaganathpur as a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, he won in the 2000 Assembly elections. Madhu became the Panchayati Raj Minister in the government under the Chief Ministership of Babulal Marandi.

During the 2005 Assembly Elections in Jharkhand, he contested as an Independent candidate as the BJP denied Koda a ticket. This could not stop Koda from winning from Jaganathpur once again.

By over ten thousand votes, he defeated his nearest rival from the Indian National Congress. With a destroyed depute in the state, Koda agreed to support a BJP-led government (led by Arjun Munda ) and took the responsibilities as the Minister of Mines and Geology.

Though going through the most acrimonious moment of his life as his marriage fell out, he never allowed his personal life to affect his political career.

Madhu and three other independent legislators in September 2006, withdrew support to the Munda government, bringing it into the minority. “This post is not a bed of roses but a crown of thorns,” observed Koda soon after adventuring claim to form the government.

Madhu Koda  was aware of the occurrences of his predecessors that Babulal Marandi, Arjun Munda and Shibu Soren went through. In the accompanying period, the opposition United Progressive Alliance decided on him as consensus candidate to become Chief Minister.

Madhu Koda resigned from the Post of Chief Minister to pave way for Shibu Shoren as chief Minister of Jharakhand.

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