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YearNobel Prize Winners from Australia
1945Sir Howard Walter FloreyAwarded the Nobel Prize for medicine for his development of penicillin. Over the past century, tens and possibly hundreds of millions of lives have been saved thanks to the work of Sir Florey.

The ramifications of Florey's work have been greater than "just" penicillin and "just" saving lives the discovery of penicillin's astonishing properties opened the door to the development of many other antibiotics.

1915Sir (William) Lawrence BraggThe youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize which was jointly awarded with his father, Sir William Henry Bragg.

Together they discovered the X - ray technique for investigating the structure of crystals.

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1.Applied ChemistryAny branch of Chemistry.
2.Mechanical EngineeringFluid Mechanics (Fluid & Thermal Sciences).
3.Applied MathematicsFluid Mechanics (Mathematical Analysis).
4.Material ScienceMechanical, Polymers, Paints & Materials (Camouflage Materials & Coating)
Polymers, Chemistry, Material Science, Physics (Super hydrophobic Materials)
Materials Science, Condensed Matter Physics (Magnetic Materials) Metallurgy &
Materials (Metallurgy & Materials for Defence).
5.Applied PhysicsNanotechnology & Nano Materials.

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