National Emblems

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National Emblems

Australia……………. Kangaroo
Bangladesh Water Lily
Barbados Head of trident
Belgium Lion
Canada White Lily
Chile Candor and huemul
Denmark Beach
Dominica Sisserou Parrot
France Lily
Germany Corn Flower
Guyana Canje Pheasant
India Lioned Capital
Iran Rose
Ireland Shamrock
Israel Candelabrum
Italy White Lily
lvory Coast Elephant
Japan Lion with Crown
Hong Kong Bauhinia (Orchid tree)
Lebanon Cedar tree
Luxembourg Lion with Crown
Mongolia The Soyombo
Netherlands Lion
New Zealand Southern Cross, Kiwi, Fern
Norway Lion
Pakistan Crescent
Papua New Guinea Bird of Paradise
Spain Eagle
Senegal Baobab tree
Sierra Leone Lion
Sri Lanka Lion
Sudan Secretary Bird
Syria Eagle
Turkey Crescent and Star
United Kingdom Rose
U.S.A. Golden Rod
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Bird

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