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Indian Social Activist Mr. Frank Anthony Biography
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Frank Anthony was born on 25th September 1908 in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. His father`s name was Dr. R.J. Anthony. Frank Anthony was very intelligent student.

Mr. Frank Anthony  received his education from Nagpur University. He was the topper in English in the University and was awarded Viceroy`s gold medal.

Mr. Frank Anthony  moved to London and obtained a degree in Law. Frank Anthony came back to India and started legal practice in Jabalpore. Being an Anglo Indian he fought for the rights of the Anglo Indian Community in India.

As the President- in chief of the “All India Anglo-Indian Association” he told to the Anglo Indians: ” Let us cling and cling tenaciously to all that we hold dear, our language, our way of life and our distinctive culture. But lets always remember that we are Indians.

The Community is Indian. It has always been Indian. Above all, it has an inalienable Indian birthright. The more we love and are loyal to India, the more will India be loyal to us.”
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Frank Anthony managed to secure equal payments for all the Europeans and Indian Commissioned officers in the National Defense Council and nominated reserve seats to the Lok Sabha -Lower House in India`s Parliament-for the Anglo Indians, as a minority community of India.

Frank Anthony was against the partition because it would be injurious to the minority communities of India. He also demanded special provision for the Anglo-Indians in the Indian Constitution as the member of the constituent assembly of India.

Frank Anthony was the first delegation of Independent India to the United Nations. He represented India in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference in 1948 and 1957. Frank Anthony contributed a lot to disseminate education among Anglo Indian community. He was appointed as the Chairman of Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian Education.

Frank Anthony established the All India Anglo-Indian Educational Trust and served as its chairman. Presently this institution runs five Frank Anthony Public and Junior Schools in Calcutta, Delhi and Bangalore.He was also the chairman of the Indian School Certificate Examination.

Frank Anthony launched several schemes to provide scholarships and loans to the Anglo Indian student who are willing to take up Teacher`s Training. As a lawyer he successfully defend Mehr Chand Khanna, the ex-finance minister of North-West Frontier Province in 1952.

In 1978 he refused the offer by Indira Gandhi of Governorship of Punjab and the Vice-Presidentship of India to continue social service. Frank Anthony wrote the book ” Britain`s Betrayal in India: The Story of the Anglo-Indian Community” He passed away in 1993.

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