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Murugesu Sivasithamparam (July 20, 1923 – June 5, 2002) was a Sri Lankan Tamil politician and Member of Parliament. Sivasithamparam was first elected to represent the newly created constituency of Udupiddy in Parliament in the March 1960 general election.

Murugesu Sivasithamparam was re-elected in the general elections of July 1960 and 1965, and served as Deputy Speaker of Parliament between 1967 and 1970. He lost his seat in 1970 to the Federal Party candidate .

Sivasithamparam re-entered Parliament in 1977, this time representing Nallur. He and all other Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) MPs walked out of Parliament in August 1983 after refusing to swear an oath unconditionally renouncing support for a separate state in accordance with the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka.

Sivasithamparam survived an assassination attempt on 13 July 1989 but A. Amirthalingam and V. Yogeswaran, his fellow TULF leaders, were killed in the incident.

Sivasithamparam made a second Parliamentary comeback after the 2001 general elections when he was chosen by the Tamil National Alliance to fill their national list seat in Parliament. But his tenure was short lived: Sivasithamparam died on 5 June 2002 after a brief illness.

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