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Indian Magician P.C.Sorcar Junior Biography
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P.C Sorcar junior is considered as the living legend of Indian Magic. “TODAY`S magic is tomorrow`s science. Anything supernatural is basically science of tomorrow,” according to P.C.Sorcar Jr, renowned magician of the modern genre.

It is the presentation of the illusions that is the most important in the domain of modern magic. With a firm grip on the emotions of his audience, the ability to perform miracles that have risen from his own inventive mind and the quality, which he has acquired from his father, P.C Sorcar Junior has easily emerged as a master of presentation.

P.C.Sorcar Junior is a magician whose art has crossed many frontiers of showmanship and creativity.

P.C Sorcar Jr comes from the famous Sorcar family. This family of `Magicians` is popular in the magic field for eight generations. The family becomes a household name through the contributions of each generation.

P.C.Sorcar (Junior) dignified the status of magic further more from the position where his father left it, to this futuristic mystery-spectacular-entertainment show for the intellectuals, successfully competing with the other forms of theatrical shows.

P.C.Sorcar Junior has followed and studied street magicians, snake charmers, yogis, and holy men to better understand the world unknown. This born innovator has always been busy preparing the new. Through a lifetime of exposure to magic and performance traditions his magic has developed.

Prodip is the second son of the late P.C.Sorcar, Senior (Pratul Chandra Sorcar). His elder brother, Prafulla and his younger brother Provas Chandra, have also learnt from their father. As he said, “Ours is a family of magicians . . . and performing magic is our birthright.

Even the cat in our house is a magician”. P. C. Sorcar`s mother a noted philanthropist is Mrs. Basanti Sorcar, who has been a source of courage and inspiration to her son. Junior Sorcar holds a masters degree in psychology from the University of Calcutta.
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P.C. Sorcar Junior married Jayashree with whom he has three daughters, Maneka, Moubani and Mumtaz. “My daughters make my art alive”, says Prodip Chandra. It is inevitable that the three girls show the charm and talent of their parents.

They are completing their education, but the ` magnetic field of magic` in which they have been brought up has made them begin to share the stage with their parents occasionally.

As a magician, P.C.Sorcar Junior`s development is a continuation of the tradition that made his father his `guru` or teacher. He began performing in his teens, when he was still in school, forming a group of his own, and presenting some of his own inventive items.

P.C.Sorcar Junior father was so happy with his development that he announced to the World that his `magical successor` would be his son Prodip Chandra. In early 1971, Sorcar Jr. had just finished his M.Sc. final examinations, while his father was away in Japan on a tour.

At the end of a show at the City Hall of Shibetsu, wherein P.C.Sorcar had declared that it would be his last performance, but the show would go on even if he were to die. He suffered a massive heart attack, and before breathing his last, expressed the wish that his son Prodip should continue his engagements.

P.C.Sorcar Junior death on January 6, 1971 prodded P.C.Sorcar Junior immediately on to the international stage. The disciple son did not even have the time to indulge his grief. When his father was being cremated in Calcutta, he was on stage for his first show in Sapporro, North Japan.

Copyright laws protect his original creations though traditional items familiar to the public by magicians before Sorcar Junior have also been polished and presented in a most convincing manner.

P.C.Sorcar Junior calls his show `Indrajal`. It is a theatrical representation or realization of the wishful dreams of living happily, where nothing seems to be impossible. There is no place for nature to limit boundaries and in this world a dynamic drama unfolds before the audience with its own plot, progression and climax.

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