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To be recognized as a National Party, a party needs to secure at least six percent of the valid votes polled in any four or more states in a general election to the Lok Sabha or State Assembly.

In addition to it, it has to win at least four seats in the Lok Sabha from any State or States as well.

As an alternative, a party can also secure the status of a national party if it secures at least two percent seats in the Lok Sabha subject to the conditions that these members are elected from at least three separate states.

For getting recognition as a State Party, a political party has to poll at least six percent of the valid votes in the State during a general election, either to that of the Lok Sabha or the State Assembly.

Apart from this, the party should also win minimum two seats in the Assembly of the State concerned.

As an alternate, a political party has to obtain at least three percent of the total number of seats in the Legislative Assembly of the State, or minimum three seats in the Assembly, whichever is more.

In case a political party loses recognition as national or state party, it will not lose its allotted symbol with immediate effect.

They will be given a period of six years to elevate their status and in that period, they are free to use their symbols in the elections.

Deposits and Nominations

Every candidate has to make a deposit of ₹ 10,000 for the Lok Sabha election and ₹ 5,000 for the Rajya Sabha elections, except for the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes who pay half of these amounts.

The deposit is returned if the candidate receives more than one – sixth of the total number of valid votes polled in the constituency.

Nominations must be supported at least by one registered elector of the constituency, in the case of candidate sponsored by a registered party and by ten registered electors from the constituency in the case of other candidates.

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