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Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)General Studies Question Bank CD

Composition is determined by the President.

The members of the UPSC are appointed for a term of 6 yrs, or till they attain 65 yrs of age.

Can resign earlier to the President.

President can remove them by issuing orders only the SC makes such a recommendation on the basis of an inquiry.

Members of the UPSC are no eligible for employment by the govt., after retirement.

Functions of UPSC:

    • To conduct exams for appointment to services under the Union.
    • Advise the President (not obligatory on him) in maters relating to appointments, promotions & transfers from one service to another of civil servants.
    • All disciplinary matters affecting a person in the service of Union.
  • Matters regarding award of pension & awards in respect to injuries sustained during service under the government.
  • Maintains continuity of administration.

General Studies Question Bank CD

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