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Indian Social Reformer Premila Thackersey Biography
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A constructive thinker and a good organizer, Pramila was the synonym of simplicity and concern.

Premila Thackersey was a constructive thinker and a good organizer. Her mission in life was to save the poor and destitute. She always looked simple in her snow-white khadi saris. Her bold eyes reflected intelligence and Compassion.

Premila Thackersey was the synonym of simplicity and concern. She was apprehensive of the poor rural women, their hardships and toil to make the two ends meet. Her most out- standing contribution has been her devotion to great causes and her valuable gifts to educational and human-itarian institutions.

Premleela was married to Sir Vithaldas Thackersey. She was his third wife. Premila Thackersey wa s lucky to have married to Vithaldas as he was a man of uncommon business acumen, high standard of industry and self-disci-pline. Premleela had only studied up to school when she married Vithaldas.

Under the influence of her husband, Premleela grew into a refined lady. She traveled far and wide with her husband, which gave her opportunities for learning, in a much wider sense. Vithaldas died when Premleela was only 31.
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After his death she carefully maintained the prestige and tradition of the illustrious family of the Thackersyes.

Shortly before his death, Vithaldas had built a beautiful mansion in Poona, which is now used to house free boarding school and home for girls and women and is supported by his family. Premleela supervised it when she was alive.

Premleela always revered Mahatma Gandhi. She considered him as her saint and religious teacher and she invited him to stay at Parnakuti during his 21 days fast for self-purification against untouchability.

Premleela became the Chairperson of the Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust and endeavored to fulfill the dreams of Gandhiji by working and dedicating her life for millions of poor women and chil-dren living in rural India.

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