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Mizoram Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga Biography
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Pu Zoramthanga, the present Chief Minister of the Indian State of Mizoram, is considered as the God’s blessed child.

Since December 1998, Pu Zoramthanga served as the chief minister of the Indian State Mizoram. On 13th July, 1944, he was born to Pu Darphunga and Pi Vanhnuaichhingi at Samthang village. Pu Zoramthanga was the second youngest child of their eight children. In the year 1950, he joined primary School.

At South Khawbung in 1954, he joined middle school after his primary education. In 1956, after he passed standard six Pu Zoramthanga left the school. As a student of standard seven, in 1957, Pu Zoramthanga went on to join Champhai Gandhi Memorial High School.

Pu Zoramthanga finished his high school at Champhai from Samthang village in 1960. Pu Zoramthanga attended his college, Manipur College to finish graduation.

On February 2, 1988, Pu Zoramthanga tied the spousal knot with Roneihsangi, at Dawrpui Presbyterian Church. She is the second youngest daughter of Pu R.L. Rohlira of Ramhlun. The couple has a son, Ramthansiama and a daughter, Milari.

In the year 1966, Pu Zoramthanga joined the underground movement, when Mizoram was experiencing the disturbance. Pu Zoramthanga was given a responsibility, which he held for three years as the Secretary of Run Bung Area.

All the MNF cadres in 1969 went down to East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). Pu Zoramthanga was made the Secretary of the President, Pu Laldenga. Pu Zoramthanga held this job for seven long years.

Pu Laldenga always took him along in all his imperative appointment, during his tenure as Secretary to the President. During the long trip to China, Pu Zoramthanga was companying him.
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Pu Zoramthanga was sent to overlay way for peace negotiations by the Cabinet of the underground ministry with the Indian government in the year 1971. This resulted out to be the inaugural official peace talks with the Indian government.

At the time when East Pakistan fell and Bangladesh nation was borne; Pu Zoramthanga, along with Pu Laldenga and his family, including all his personal staff, acceded in a tough escape bid to Karachi. This escape was tough indeed, as they had to cross the dense jungle of Arakan and through Akyab and Rangoon.

They camouflaged themselves as refugees from East Pakistan. In Pakistan, the statuses of official guests were accorded to them and they cooled down their heels in Islamabad from 1972 to 1976.

Pu Laldenga during their stay in Islamabad sent him in yet another mission to foreign countries to seek channels in order to continue the peace negotiations with the Indian government. Along with the present Home Minister of Mizoram, Pu Tawnluia, he went abroad many times to bring about this mission.

In countries like Thailand, Afghanishtan, Iran, Switzerland, Germany and in Rome city, after many peace talks with the Indian delegates, in 1975, Pu Zoramthanga brought Pu Laldenga and party out to Geneva.

From Geneva, the deal was made successful and it was assured that Pu Laldenga could now safely enter to Delhi. In 1976, upon their arrival in Delhi they were engaged in peace talks and Pu Zoramthanga participated in all these peace talks, and was the key initiator.

However, when in 1979, the Indian government held them captives in Delhi, Pu Zoramthanga along with Pu Tawnluia made their run away to the jungle of their Arakan Headquarters. At the Headquarters he held the responsibility of the Vice President.

Pu Zoramthanga single – handedly succeeded in renovating and rejuvenating the Headquarters from the state to which it had fallen. Since then, Pu Zoramthanga never embarked out to Delhi till the peace agreement was concluded.

This pious man put all his trusts in God. It made him enable to draw divine strength in the face of misfortunes. Pu Zoramthanga achieved the ostensibly impossible tasks in order to bring home his all men.

Pu Zoramthanga admits, “That was the most challenging and difficult task that I had ever faced in my life”. Due to illness, unfortunately, Pu Zoramthanga could not accompany his men into Aizawl and had to halt at Lunglei.

One of the saddest things that had ever happened to him is that he could not able to walk in to Aizawl town along with his men, at the end of twenty long years of disturbance unto the welcome light of peace.

In the meantime government of the state that followed, Pu Zoramthanga was made the Minister. When under the leadership of Pu Laldenga in the year 1987, the Mizo National Front formed the government; he was given the responsibilities to look after Finance and Education departments.

Pu Zoramthanga continued to be the committed lieutenant of Pu Laldenga. In 1990, after Pu Laldenga, Pu Zoramthanga becomes the President of the Mizo National Front. Since then he continues to be the President of the MNF till date.

In his political career a remarkable achievement has made by him and the fact is that he has never lost an election, and for four consecutive terms he has been re – elected to the Mizoram Legislative Assembly from Champhai constituency.

Pu Zoramthanga led his party to victory and become the fifth Chief Minister of Mizoram when at the end of 1998, the assembly election was held.

The path is justifying worth thinking for others, which Pu Zoramthanga has walked in his life. One could expunge with awe when one considers his plans for the good of Mizoram.

Pu Zoramthanga has played exceptionally an instrumental role for the betterment of Mizoram. As Pu Zoramthanga himself had often state : Let us all know that towards this fag – end of time, we have a Chief Minister in him, who would herald to the world that upon Mizoram has God entrusted the mission of spreading the Gospel.

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