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Biography of Mathematician – Raj Chandra Bose

Raj Chandra Bose was a well known Indian Mathematician and is famous for his design theory

Raj Chandra Bose was a well known Indian Mathematician and Statistician. He is famous for his design theory and his theory of error correcting codes. He was born in 1901 in Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh.

Bose had grown up in Rohtak. He had four siblings. Bose underwent the loss of his mother at a very early age of 19 and just two years after the death of his mother Bose suffered the loss of his father but still he continued his study with some vigour and effort.

With the loss of his parents Bose was under a very bad situation as the entire responsibility of his siblings was on him and initially he managed the expenditure by giving tuitions to students.

Right from early childhood pure mathematics had fascinated Raj Chandra Bose greatly.

He completed his Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics in the year 1925 with flying colours and later he also completed his research work.

Again in 1927 he completed his Masters Degree in Pure Mathematics. Soon after completing his study, Bose found himself a job of a lecturer in Asutosh College of Kolkata.
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In the year 1932 the course of Bose`s life changed completely when he was offered a part time job by P.C Mahalanobis in the Indian Statistical Institute. Soon Bose became the chief Mathematician of the Institute.

In the very beginning he worked with multivariate analysis in collaboration with Mahalanobis and S.N Roy.

Till the year 1950 the only preoccupation of Bose was to develop a mathematical theory on design. Bose during his tenure in Indian Statistical Institute spent most of his time at home working on combinatorial problems using Galois fields.

By the year 1935 Bose had become a full timer in the institute. In the year 1940 he had joined the University of Calcutta and in 1945 he became the Head of the Department of Statistics for which a doctorate degree was demanded from him.

At such a juncture he had submitted his papers on multivariate analysis and the design of experiments and was awarded a D. Litt degree in the year 1947.

Finally in 1949 Raj Chandra Bose joined the North Carolina University in the Chapel Hills as the Professor of Statistics.

During his stay in Chapel Hills he continued his research work and finally made important discoveries on the coding theory.

Bose finally retired at the age of 70. After his retirement he accepted a seat at Colorado State University at Fort Collins.

Bose during his lifetime had earned a lot of recognition and was awarded several honours; one such honour which was bestowed on Bose was that he was elected as a Fellow of the US Academy of Sciences.
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Raj Chandra Bose had expired at the age 86 in Colorado in the year 1987. Bose is survived with two daughters.

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