Water and Roughage

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Water and Roughage


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  • Important in digestion, transportation, excretion and to regulate body temperature (body contains 65% water).
  • Lost water can be recouped (regained) in 3 ways – By drinking water, by getting water as part of food and by retaining and utilizing the water produced in the metabolism.


  • Fibrous Material Present in the Cell Wall of Plants.
  • Mainly contains Cellulose.
  • It does not provide energy but only helps in retaining Water in the body.
  • One of the commonly used sources is Daliya, which we eat in our homes.


Excessive intake of Food Calories Leads to Obesity.

It leads to high B.P. and heart problems and the person gets prone to Diabetes, Hypertension and Other Disorders.

Excessive intake of Saturated Fats like Butter, Ghee, etc, Leads to Hypercholesterolemia.

In this, Blood Cholesterol level increases Tremendously causing Stiffening of Blood Vessels due to Cholesterol Deposition.

General Studies Question Bank CD

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