Uniform Circular Motion Physics

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Uniform Circular Motion Physics

“When a body moves such that it keeps equal distance from the axis of rotation, then the motion of the body is called circular motion.”

Centripetal Force Physics :

  • Centripetal Force acting towards the centre on a particle executing uniform circular motion is called centripetal force and is given by,
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  • Centripetal force always acts on the particle performing circular motion.
  • Without centripetal force there can be no circular motion.

Examples :
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  • When a car turns, it requires centripetal force.
  • Centripetal force acts on the earth, moving round the sun.
  • Electrons moving round the nucleus require centripetal force.
  • Cyclist bends his body towards the centre on a turn while turning.

Centrifugal Force Physics :

  • The pseudo force that balances the centripetal force in uniform circular motion is called centrifugal force.
  • Centrifugal force is directed away from the centre along the radius.
  • Although centrifugal force is equal and opposite to the centripetal force yet it is not the reaction of centripetal force because reaction cannot exist without action while centrifugal force can exist without centripetal force.

Memorable Points :

  • The physical quantities which remain constant for a particle moving in circular path are speed, kinetic energy, angular momentum.
  • On unbanked curved roads the minimum radius of curvature of curve for safe driving is r = v2 / µg, with where v is speed of vehicle and µ is coefficient of friction.
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