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So noble was Nobel. Noble Prize a notable prize – Nobel, Alfred Bernhard

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Scientist Alfred Bernhard Nobel (1833 to 1898): Swedish scientist, invented dynamite. Born in Stockholm, (‘home, Stock’ of Nobel Prizes) he founded the famous Nobel Prizes.

Nobel Prizes are the world’s most coveted awards given every year to persons of outstanding merit by way of contribution to knowledge in six fields, viz., physics, chemistry, literature, physiology or medicine, peace and economics. The recipient may be one or more.

Nobel Prizes funded by its founder, Scientist Alfred Nobel, were started in 1901. He left huge fortune earned in his life time. This is a fitting gesture of “Respect to Goddess of Knowledge”.

Scientist Alfred Nobel and his father started a small workshop in 1864 for producing nitroglycerine. They faced many problems. The factory was wrecked by an explosion, killing five persons, Nobel was branded a ‘mad scientist’.

The honeymoon phase of his venture took shape in the establishment of factories dealing with dangerous nitroglycerine.

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Hardships were encountered; factories in Germany, San Francisco, New York and Australia were all blown up.He was a multilinguist fluent in Swedish, English, French, German and Russian. Basically he was a chemist.

This multilinguist became a multimillionaire by selling dynamite and ballistite (smokeless nitroglycerine powder – gunpowder) for which he obtained patent rights.

In’1866, luck favoured him. A chance observation that nitroglycerine packed in an absorbent substance called kieselguhr (package in the cask containing nitroglycerine) was safer to handle, gave him relief.

It would not explode with shocks. This discovery was called ‘dynamite’ which could be exploded by a trigger at the command of the user.

From then on, the fortune of Nobel began shooting up. Fame, name and wealth wooed him.

An institution in Sweden – Nobel Institute was named after Scientist Alfred Nobel.

Nobel Prize has made his name immortal in the world.

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