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Personification of  the melody in nursing – Florence Nightingale

Scientist Florence Nightingale (1820-1910), English nursing pioneer. “The Lady of the Lamp” — a name by which she became immortal. Light is eternal.

Scientist Florence Nightingale was born in Florence, Italy on May 12, 1820. She spent ‘nights’ ‘in gale’ attending to/ nursing her patients.

Scientist Florence Nightingale wanted to achieve something great on secular but not on religious lines. Traits of Scientist Florence Nightingale :

  1. Personal charm.
  2. Culture.
  3. Attractive appearance and looks.
  4. Deep sincerity in action.
  5. Humanitarian impulse.

Till the time she entered the noble nursing profession, nurses were ranked as vulgar creatures, uneducated, unclean, unpolished in behaviour and notorious for their voluptuousness and immorality.

Scientist Florence took up a challenge to erase this stigma in the public mind and cleanse this ignominious opinion about a nurse.

Scientist Florence Nightingale developed the British army hospital at Scutari in Turkey during the Crimean War (1854-1856). She came to be known as “Lady-in-Chief” by the wounded soldiers.
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Scientist Florence Nightingale founded a nursing school at St. Thomas’s Hospital, London.

Modern nursing and patient care are the fruits of her labour. She earned respect for the nursing profession. She worked in “a pure spirit of duty towards God and compassion for man”.

Outcry of this young woman: “In my thirty first year,” she wrote in her diary, “I see nothing desirable but death.” — so disgusted was she about the ways in the world in treating the sick.

Scientist Florence Nightingale observed these principles in nursing :

  1. Cleanliness.
  2. Fresh air —windows to be kept open.
  3. Hygienic surroundings.
  4. Compassion and care. The cure of a patient lies in the care bestowed.
  5. Devoted attention to the sick.

In 1907 Scientist Florence Nightingale was given the Order of Merit, the first woman to receive such a prestigious honour. In the next year, the Freedom of the City of London was bestowed upon her. She lived to a ripe age of over ninety.

Scientist Florence Nightingale’s prophetic words still apply today, 135 years after they were first uttered in 1863.

Scientist Florence Nightingale had said then, “As a general rule, the poor would recover very well in their own miserable stinging dwellings if they received proper and efficient medical aid.”

In the past, bed rest in sanatorium or hospital used to be considered vital to TB treatment. A major study in Madras showed that chemotherapy was just as successful at home as at hospital.

In other words, there is no difference between hospital and home management.From the time of  Florence Nightingale, we now come to the age of Mother Teresa, the noblest of the noble in caring for the sick.

Finally, mention has to be made of the ‘robot nurse’ who began working in a London Hospital;Scientist Florence Nightingale doesn’t take day-off, works 24 hours a day — plus points to score over a living human-frame.General Studies Question Bank CD
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Understanding/Utilitarian Resourceful/Reassuring Sympathizing Efficient

  • “Love received and love given comprise the best form of therapy.” – Gordon William Allport
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  • ‘Be a Kind Mother Teresa’ on the analogy ‘Be a Good Samaritan’.
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