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Jivaka who understood ‘Jivitam’ – Jivaka

Jivaka : Ayurvedic Physician of India in the sixth and fifth century B.C. was born in the Magadha Empire in the reign of Bimbisara, in the time of Gautama Buddha.

Scientist Jivaka was well-versed in Pediatrics, brain surgery and abdominal operations. He was a disciple of Atreya, the renowned Professor of Taxilla (Takshasila) University.

Scientist Jivaka was crowned as the ‘King of Physicians and Surgeons’. Tibetan and Pali scriptures praised about Jivaka. He was a physician to Buddha and the Buddhist monks.

Lord Buddha was born by a Caesarean operation.

Eight important branches of Ayurveda

  1. Kayachikitsa or Internal medicine.
  2. Salya tantra or Surgery.
  3. Salakya tantra: Treatment of diseases of head and neck.     Agada tantra or Toxicology.
  4. Bhuta Vaidya: Management of seizures by evil spirits and other mental  disorders.
  5. Bala tantra or Pediatrics.
  6. Rasayana tantra or Geriatrics including rejuvenation therapy.
  7. Vajikarana tantra or Science of aphrodisiacs.

Many conferences of sages meeting in the Himalayas used to discuss the means of alleviating human suffering due to diseases; the outcome was Ayurveda (the science of life). Some view it as the Fifth Veda.
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“The curse of the science of medicine, as of all sciences, has always been the so-called practical man, who will consider the immediate end of his art, without regard to the knowledge on which it is based.”

— Singer C and EA Underwood,

A Short History of Medicine p. 69.

Unfortunately Lord Buddha succumbed after an operation by an Ayurvedic Surgeon and thereafter Ayurvedic surgery went into disrepute.

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