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Mastered the Heart, a Master Organ – Rustom Jal Vakil

Rustom Jal Vakil, Physician Cardiologist was born in 1911 in Bombay.

1934 Graduate in Medicine (London).

1936 MRCP (London).

1937 MD (London) – Rustom Jal Vakil won Medals in London.

1938 Assistant Hon. Physician, J.J. Hospital & Grant Medical College, Bombay, Hon. Consultant & Physician, K.E.M. Hospital, Bombay.

Scientist Rustom Jal Vakil Achievements

Renowned clinician and teacher, responsible for encouraging specialisation in Cardiology in this country; hence known as ‘Father of Indian Cardiology’.

Rauwolfia serpentina : an alkaloid from a plant grown in the Himalayas in plenty, contains an alkaloid ‘reserpine’; Vakil made a discovery that this is useful in the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure) and psychiatric diseases.

Scientist Rustom Jal Vakil is known as ‘Father of Rauwolfia’. Later, of course, this drug has gone into disrepute because of its side-effect of causing suicidal tendencies.

Dr. Vakil had many ‘firsts’ to his credit : He was the first scientist to undertake studies on the incidence and prevalence of heart diseases in India.

Rustom Jal Vakil originality — new terminology in cardiac disorders: “Pre-infarction syndrome, hexalogy of the heart, Giant cell arteritis in aortic regurgitation, Transitory pulsation in coronary thrombosis and Subacute pulmonary oedema.”General Studies Question Bank CD

Books written by Scientist Rustom Jal Vakil :

  1. Clinical Diagnosis,
  2. Textbook of Medicine,
  3. The romance of healing and other essays,
  4. Heart in Health and Disease.

Scientist Rustom Jal Vakil Awards received

1958 Padma Bhushan.

1959 International Albert Lasker Award. 1965 Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award. 1969 B.C. Roy Award.

1971 The V World Congress of Cardiology Souvenir Award by the Cardiological Society of India.

1973 The First Dhanwantari Award.
General Studies Question Bank CD

Rustom Jal Vakil Fellow : Elected Fellow of International and National Medical and Scientific bodies :

The Royal College of Physicians (London).

American College of Cardiology.

American College of Physicians.

Indian National Science Academy.

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