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Indian Freedom Fighter Sita Devi Biography
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Sita Devi was an active freedom fighter and a revolutionary politician, who strived for the liberation of India.

Sita Devi was an active freedom fighter and a revolutionary politician who had to undergo imprisonment many times. She was an inborn patriot. She thought her mission in life was to liberate India from the clutches of the British by actively participating in the freedom struggle and enlightening the masses.

Sita Devi was born on 1910 as the daughter of Acharya Ramdev and Vidyadhari. Her father was the founder of Arya Samaj and he established a Gurukul for girls at Dehradun. He was a great supporter of women`s education.

She inherited her love for freedom and sacrifice from her father. Sita Devi secured Visharad in Sanskrit, which was equivalent to M.A. Sita Devi worked as a Lecturer in Sanskrit for two years at Dev Samaj College in Lahore. She resigned from this post when she was elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

She was married to the young revolutionary, Chabilidas, who was working in the National College, which had been established during the Non Cooperation Movement. In that college he taught revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru. Later on, he became the Principal of the National College.
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Due to their revolutionary activities at Lahore, British police officers were after them. Police officials went to their home to arrest them ,but at that time she was having high fever and as a result she was taken in an ambulance jail.

She was arrested along with her husband to jail and they left laughing for jail. She was a very adjustable and lovable wife and Chabilidas was proud of her. He dedicated his book Meri Inqulabi Yatra to his wife Sita Devi and wrote that she was a true companion in his journey through life as a revolutionary .

At a very early age she lighted the fire of nationalism in the minds of her children and she taught them to shout Inquilab Zindabad fearlessly and with pride. The couple`s wanted to enlighten the downtrodden masses of India. So, Chabilidas started Agricultural Schools with the purpose of creating political consciousness amongst farmers to enable them to stand up for their own rights.

Sita Devi worked actively for the All India Women`s Conference. She established many trade unions in the Punjab and kept fighting till the end. When she was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Punjab she supported Hindu Code Bill.

The Hindu Mahasabha opposed her and held hostile demonstrations against her. After partition she lived in Lahore for quite some time, She made Jallandar her headquarters for political work and from there she successfully contested in the general election for Vidhan Sabha as a Congress candidate.

She presented the Anti Dowry Bill in the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. She became the member of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad for several years. Later, she became a member of the Rajya Sabha. She died on 20 March, 1974.

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