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S.No.4 Year B.Tech. DegreePrograms Offered
Visakhapatnam CampusHyderabad CampusBengaluru Campus
1.Electronics & Communication EngineeringYesYesYes
2.Electronics & Instrumentation EngineeringYesYesYes
3.Computer Science & EngineeringYesYesYes
4.Mechanical EngineeringYesYesYes
5.Electrical & Electronics EngineeringYesYesYes
6.Information TechnologyYesYesYes
7.Civil EngineeringYesYesYes
8.Industrial EngineeringYesYesYes
10.Aeronautical Engineering--Yes--
6 Year Dual Degree ( B.Tech.+M.Tech. )
1.B.Tech. + M.Tech. (ECE)YesYesYes
2.B.Tech. + M.Tech. (Mechanical)YesYesYes
5 Year Bachelor of Architecture ( B.Arch. )Yes----

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