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Kerala Politician Sree R Sankar Biography
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Sree R Sankar was the great political leader and former chief minister of Kerala.

Sree R Sankar was born on April 30, 1909 at Kottarakkara Taluk in Kerala. Sree R Sankar parents were Sree Raman and Smt Kunchali Amma. Sree R Sankar received his primary education from Puthoor Primary School. In 1924 he passed the matriculation examination. He graduated from Maharajas College, Thiruvananthapuram.

Sree R SankarĀ  was in deep financial crisis when he was student. He continued study with the help of his relative. He also obtained a degree in Law. After completing his education he started teaching at Sivagiri High School. He became the principal of that school. At that time he became the president of SNDP Educational Fund, which was organized to build educational institutions in the state.

Sree R Sankar raised his voice against social injustice. He was aware of the plight of the backward classes and sought for their development. He was also deeply influenced by Kumaran Asan`s poetry. He joined the Indian National Congress during the formation days of National Congress in his state.
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Sree R Sankar actively took part in the freedom struggle and was imprisoned several times. After independence he worked for increasing the strength of congress party. He showed superb organizing skill at that time.

One of the towering figures in Kerala politics with his courageous and inimitable style of functioning, Sree R Sankar became the third Chief Minister of Kerala during one of the most turbulent periods in the State`s political history. In 1948 he won the election and became the member of Travancore Assembly in 1948.He was selected as the member of Travancore-Cochin Assembly in 1949.In 1946 he became the member of Constituent Assembly of India.

Sree R Sankar was selected as the member of Delimitation Commission and the Reforms Committee. He was appointed as the Deputy Chief Minister in the Pattom Thanupillai ministry. He served as the finance minister from 1960 to 1962.

Sree R Sankar also served as the Chief Minister of Kerala from1962 to 1964.while serving in this post he did several reforms. He edited the newspaper Dinamony. He passed away on November 6th , 1972.

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