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Indian Freedom Fighter Sri Krishna Sinha Biography
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Sri Krishna Sinha was the freedom fighter and served as the chief Minister of Bihar for a long time.

Sri Krishna Sinha was born on 21st October, 1887 in Khanwa. Sri Krishna Sinha belonged to a Bhumihar Brahmin family. Sri Krishna Sinha received his early education from Zilla School in Monghyr.

In his school days; he showed his capability as a leader. Sri Krishna Sinha graduated from Patna University. After obtaining a degree in Law; he started legal practise in 1915.

To respond the call of Gandhiji to join non co-operation movement he gave up practise in 1921. In the political circle of Bihar Sri Krishna Sinha was popularly known as Bihar Kesari.

For active participation he was arrested and was imprisoned in 1922 by the British Government. Sri Krishna Sinha was released after eight years and actively took part in the `Salt Satyagrah` at Garhpura. In 1937 Sri Krishna Sinha was selected as the member of Bihar cabinet.

Mahatma Gandhi was influenced by his leadership and gave him the title ` the first Satyagrahi of Bihar.` Dr. Sri Krishna Singh was elected as the chief minister of Bihar in 1946.

Sri Krishna Sinha was also selected as the member of the Constituent Assembly of India. Sri Krishna Sinha served as the chief minister till 1961. Sri Krishna Sinha raised his voice against the caste system and supported the oppresed. Sri Krishna Sinha passed away on 31st January 1961.

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