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Subhash Chandra Goyal is the founder of Zee TV and is presently one of the most popular names in the media world.
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Founder of Zee TV, India’s first private TV channel, Subhash Chandra Goyal is a renowned name in the realm of Indian Businessmen. Subhash Chandra Goyal has been a rice trader from Hissar, Haryana and presently, he has transformed into a media baron and his other interests include packaging, theme parks, lotteries and cinema multiplexes.

Subhash Chandra Goyal after completing high school, began his entrepreneurial career as a rice trader in Hissar. He became wealthy by exporting rice to the Soviet Union.

In the 1970s, he entered the packaging business; his Essel Packaging Company was started by making laminated covers for the Food Corporation of India, to store surplus agricultural harvests. Subhash Chandra Goyal invested his profits in land, on which he built Esselworld, a 753 – acre popular amusement park in Mumbai.

The next logical step was Zee TV. The idea of Zee TV took shape during the Gulf War, when Chandra was watching CNN in the office of Ashok Kurien, an advertising executive who was marketing Essel world.

Subhash Chandra launched Zee Telefilms Limited in October 1992 as a content supplier for Zee TV Subhash Chandra – India’s first Hindi satellite channel. Subhash Chandra was the first in India who sought to exploit the huge business potential of satellite television channels.

Before the launch of Zee TV viewers in India were under the compact grip of Doordarshan, the state – controlled terrestrial network. It was Subhash Chandra Goyal’s vision that helped to give birth to the satellite TV industry in India and inspired others to follow the same suit.
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After the launch of Zee TV, Subhash Chandra Goyal commenced Siticable operations in 1995 and also started a joint venture with News Corp. In 1995, he launched two new channels, Zee News and Zee Cinema. In 2000, Zee TV became the first cable company in India to launch Internet over Cable services.

In 2003, Zee TV became the first service provider in the nation to launch Direct to Home (DTH) services. In a short period of time Zee TV has become a big media and gave a tough competition to international media magnets such as Rupert Murdoch.

Subhash Chandra Goyal launched Zee TV in an era when many Indians were eager to obtain news of the Gulf War. The huge audiences attracted by Zee TV and by Chandra’s related companies helped boost his net worth to billions of dollars.

However, Zee TV is only one of the members Subhas Chandra Goyal’s family of companies, which includes Zee Music, which markets cassettes; Zee Cinema, a movie pay – channel; Siticable, a cable television company; Zee Education (ZED), a computer training company; Zee Multinational Worldwide, a Mauritius – based company; and Zee Telefilms, the flagship company that produces the television programming.

Subhas Chandra Goyal has also teamed up with his main competitor in private television broadcasting, Rupert Murdoch who owns Star – TV, as part of his News Corporation. Subhas Chandra Goyal and Murdoch owns equal shares in Asia Today Ltd (ATL), a Hong Kong – based broadcasting company that provides television programming to various broadcasting stations.

In 2000, the Zee group of companies was positioning itself to tap the tremendous business opportunity offered by digital communication services in India. For instance, Subhash Chandra Goyal’s Siticable Company, which he owns jointly with Rupert Murdoch, is gearing itself to transmit voice, video, and data for entertainment and e – commerce purposes.

Siticable, with six million subscribers in 2000, eventually becomes the biggest provider of cable Internet services in India. Subhash Chandra Goyal is also launching a $755 million satellite telephony venture called Agrani (Sanskrit for “staying ahead”), establishing a Zee Internet portal, and building 18 multiplex theater – cum – entertainment centers, called ‘E – Citi’ in six states in India at a cost of over $ 100 million.

Subhash Chandra Goyal’s vision is to turn his broadcast software operations into a media, entertainment, and telecommunications conglomerate.

Subhash Chandra Goyal understands very well the importance of building a high – quality media conglomerate. While some perceive his business style as being a traditional Marwari one, he was the first in the television industry to introduce employee stock options.

The value of Zee’s stock rose by a drastic 15,000 percent in seven years after the company became public in 1993, making it the fastest – rising Indian stock of all time. Subhash Chandra Goyal’s Essel group of companies is headquartered in a non – descript, two – storied building in the Mumbai suburb of Worli, but he has a rooftop office in Mumbai’s prestigious Oberoi Towers.

From here, Chandra rules the world of laminate packaging, supplying over 1,200 million laminated tubes annually to the likes of Colgate Palmolive and Hindustan Lever, and, on the side, beams programs to an audience of over 200 million people worldwide.

Subhash Chandra Goyal with his perfect outlook regarding Indian business domain has reached a height of immense popularity in his versatile projects.

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