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Tamil Writer T Janakiraman Biography
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T. Janakiraman, also known as “Thi Jaa” ( 28 February, 1921 – 18 November, 1982 ) is a Tamil Writer from Tamil Nadu, India. T. Janakiraman is considered as one of the major figures of 20th Century Tamil Fiction.

T. Janakiraman Biography

T. Janakiraman was born in a Tamil Brahmin ( Iyer ) family of Madras Presidency in 1921.

T. Janakiraman Writing Style

T. Janakiraman Writing Style of Thi Jaa is simple and narrative. His well known novels are Mogamul, Sembaruthi, and Amma vandal.

All these novels have feminine feelings embedded in their subject. Though the story is spun around delicate feelings, the author’s narration is flawless and spontaneous. His short stories such as Langdadevi ( a lame horse ), Mulmudi ( Crown of thorns ) also follow the same style of writing.

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T. Janakiraman Bibliography

Thi jaa has written about hundred short stories and a dozen novels. His most noted work is the novel Mogamul ( Thorn of Desire ). His other novels Amma Vandhal and Marappasu have been translated into English as “Sins of Appu’s Mother” and “Wooden Cow” respectively.

His short stories are artistic and subtle in nature. In 1979, T. Janakiraman was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award for Tamil for his short story collection Sakthi vaidhiyam. Some of his other notable works are Malar Manjam, Uyirthen and Semparuthy.

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