Akshardham Temple in India

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Akshardham Temple in India

There are many sacred and magnificent temples in Gujarat, India. A tourist very easily gets attracted to the beauty of this place. Akshardham Temple, India is one of the most popular temples at Gujarat.

Akshardham Temples Gujarat

The Akshardham temple is situated in Gujarat in India. The temple is self sufficient temple complex and is very commonly visited by the religious devotees and tourists alike. This place is full of education, entertainment, and enlightment. The architecture of this temple is just mind blowing. The ancient wisdom adds to the greatness of the temple. This temple is dedicated to lord Swaminarayan. This temple is owned by HDH Pramukh Swami Maharaj. There is a golden idol of Lord Swaminarayan. The experiential exhibits of Indian culture are some of the additional attraction towards the Akshardham temple.

Akshardham Temple

The temple is spread over 100 acres of land. It is made entirely of white marble with a fusion of several styles of North Indian temple architecture, Rajasthani, Orrisan, Gujrati, Mughal, and Jain. It is estimated that the cost of the temple was about 200 crore. The construction of the temple took about 5 years. The Akshardham Temple, India is great looking temple built entirely in sandstone and marble, without steel. It consists of in all 234 pillars, 9 domes, 20 quadrangled shikhars, stunning Gajendra Pith and 20,000 murtis. There are also statues of the great sadhus, devotees, acharyas and divine personalities. The temple is a fusion of various architectural styles of varied colored stones, pink and white. The pink color symbolizes devotion and the white marble symbolizes eternal peace. This temple dates back to 300 million years.

Akshardham Temple, India visit offers a travel booking and information about the divine and scared Akshardham Temple that is situated in Gujarat. This temple is very much visited temple after the recent terrorist attack. A blanket of serenity and peacefulness float over the famous Akshardham Temple in Gujarat. It is not a place where you can just pay homage to Gods by offering flowers and chanting mantras. It’s a place where you can attain higher knowledge spirit, the inner knowledge of the inner self.

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