Chamundeshwari Temple in India

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Chamundeshwari Temple in India

Introduction of Chamundeshwari Temple :

Karnataka undoubtedly seems top be the abode of gods with its numerous temples churches and mosques. In this regard the city of Mysore is not lagging behind as it acts as a perfect blend of different religions and cultures that can pervade any tourist with a divine aura and touches the heart and soul of everyone. Among the popular places of worship of Mysore is the Chamundeshwari temple, India.

Location of Chamundeshwari Temple :

The Chamundeshwari temple, India is located o top of a hill known as the Chamundi hill on the outskirts of Mysore city and another famous landmark of the place. It is 3 kms away from Mysore city. The existence of the Chamundeshwari temple dates back to the 11th century. The temple is a huge structure and one of the most famous of all the temples in Mysore and South India. The temple is located at an altitude of 3000 feets above the sea level. Although the temple is connected by a motorable road devotees prefers to take the 1000 stone steps to the top.

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How to reach the Chamundeshwari Temple :

Mysore being a prominent spot in the map of India as a holy shrine enjoys a good system of transport and communication. Bangalore, the nearest international airport is at a distance of approximately 135 kms. There are numerous means to commute between the tow places. One can also go for a comfortable rail journey. The Mysore rail station is well connected to the rest of the country as well as the major cities around by regular rail services. There is also network of roads that connects Mysore to cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad and many others.

Places of Interest in Chamundeshwari Temple :

The Chamundeshwari temple, India that remains the main tourist attraction is a unique structure that reflects the Dravidian style of architecture. The basic structure of the temple is quadrangular base with a 40 meters high Gopura at the entrance. The door way that leads to the interior part of the temple is plated with silver crafted with images of gods and goddesses of different forms. One can see the idol of Goddess Chamundeshwari that has remained the tutelary deity of the Maharajas of Mysore and has been revered since centuries. The idol is made out of solid gold.

Shopping for Chamundeshwari Temple :

Of late Mysore has become almost like a cosmopolitan with sprouting malls and shopping avenues. However to have a taste of the local charm one can go to the local markets and have a glimpse of the local garments that are traditionally hand woven.

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