Jagannath Temple in Puri Orissa India

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Jagannath Temple in Puri Orissa India

Jagannath Temple Location :

Puri is situated in the state of Orissa in India. It is located on the east coast of India.

How to reach the Jagannath Temple :

Puri is nicely connected by road and rail with Calcutta and Bhubaneshwar. Puri, Konark and Bhubaneshwar for the Golden triangle of Orissa and is visited by a myriad of tourists and pilgrims. Puri is 65 kms by road from Bhubaneshwar by road and takes almost 1.5 hours. Taxis are also available. There are also constant bus links from Calcutta, Raipur, Tatanagar, Ranchi, Vishakapatnam and Durgapur. There are also regular buses from Konark and Cuttack. Puri is also a railway junction on the South Eastern railway. For faraway pilgrims, Bhubaneshwar is the closest airport.

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Places of Interest :

The Jagannath Puri temple, India has a curvilinear tower on a Pancha Ratha plan. This is one of the tallest shrines in the country. It is built atop an elevated platform of stone measuring 10 acres and its height if 214 feet from the ground level. This temple has four gates at the eastern, southern, western and northern midpoints of the Meghanad Prachir and these are called the Lions gate, Horse gate, Tiger gate and Elephant gate. Lord Jagannath is worshipped along with Balabhadra, Subhadra, Sudarshan, Madhaba, Sridevi and Bhudevi. The idols are created of Margosa wood. About 16 km from Puri is the village Raghurajpur. This place is famous fro Patachitras made by traditional Chitrakaras. Satapara is almost 48 km from Puri. This place has the famous Chilika Lake. In Satapara it is possible to view dolphins and a myriad of migratory and resident birds. Choudwar, which is a growing industrial area, is also nearby. This is the place where the Pandav brothers passed some time during their exile. Chhatia is a very pious place of pilgrimage. The Jagannath Puri temple, India is an example of Orissan temple architecture.

Shopping in Jagannath Temple :

In the bazaar area near the temple, many shops sell images of the central temple deity. The image is very enthralling even for atheists. Puri is famous for handicraft items, Brass materials, Wood carvings, Stone carvings, Shale products, Sola carvings, Handloom sarees, Bangles, Patta Chitra, Palm Leaf Archie sand and some other handloom articles. Garments and some other utility items are made out of appliqué work easily attract the tourists.

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