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Konark Sun Temple Orissa India

The Indian heritage is respected and held in high esteem throughout the world. One of the major features of this rich heritage includes the ancient religious monuments. Especially, the Hindu temples have some of the most exquisite carvings, architectures and styles that are intrinsic to India. Though there are several such inimitable temples in India, one that has the most stupendous architecture is the Sun Temple in Konark in Orissa.

Divine Beauty

The Konark Sun Temple, India, is located in the town of Konark, which is located in the Puri district of Orissa. The temple is one of the oldest structures and was built in the 13th century. As the name suggests, the temple worships the Sun God. The entire Sun temple is built in black granite and is also known as the Black Pagoda. The temple was built by King Narasimhadeva I who belonged to the Ganga dynasty that ruled Konark from the period of 1236 to 1264 AD. The temple has earned the pride of being one of the World Heritage Sites in the world. This is due to the unique architectural style of the temple, which is completely made out of stone and comprises fine stone carvings.

The entire temple is made in the form of a chariot, which symbolizes the carrier of the Sun God. This chariot comprises of 12 magnificent wheels and is drawn by seven fine horses. This chariot is the highlight of the temple and has maximum carving and artistic finesse. The chariot almost seems real and charms every onlooker. At the entrance of the temple, there are two huge sculptures that show two lions, which are crushing a huge elephant. The Konark Sun Temple, India, also includes a temple known as the Nata Mandir. There are exemplary floral and geometric carvings that adorn the precincts of the Konark Sun Temple, India. The temple continues to amaze the tourists who visit the temple each year. This temple, which worships the Sun God, has been appropriately designed to match the power and aura of the Sun.

Though the Konark Sun Temple, India, is in ruins, the temple still captures the attraction of every visitor who comes to the temple.

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