Shore Temple Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu

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Shore Temple Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram, India is another addition to the religious heritage of India. The temple is situated along the sea shore of Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu. This temple is regarded as one of the finest work of art during the ancient times. The temple is very popular among the tourists from different parts of the world.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Location

Mahabalipuram is a tiny village on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. It is situated at the state of Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. It is often considered as the extension of Chennai because it is separated by just 58 kms from Chennai. It has shared the glory of being the capital of many kingdoms in the past.

How to Reach the Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

Being a small village the place does not enjoy the virtues of all the means of transport. But roadways link it to several of the major cities in south India. The nearest city to the place is Chennai, which is connected by bus service. Buses can also be availed from other major cities like Pondicherry, Kanchipuram, Chengalpattu and many more. These cities can be accessed by airplane as well as train from various places in India.

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The Shore Temples Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram, India is believed to be built during the 7th century during the Pallava Dynasty ruling in that part of India. It was constructed under the reigns of the king Rajasimha. It is not only a temple but also a great display of the Pallava form of art. They are not the regular temples with shrines of deities but the work art in the temples depicts the day-to-day life of people in that region. The temple also has to shrines of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. This is however not a single temple but series of temples on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Other tourist attractions

Apart from the shore temples the other major tourist attractions of the place are Arjuna’s Penance, which is a carving on the rocks of the shore. There are rocks cut halls, which is known as the mandapas. The other temple in this region is Krishna Mandapam that is one of the earliest rock cut temples.

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram, India is a major tourist attraction among the foreign tourists because of the work of art it depicts of the ancient India.

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