Somnath Temple in Gujarat India

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Somnath Temple in Gujarat India

Introduction in Somnath Temple in Gujarat :

India has been the home of several thousands of temples of different Hindu gods and goddesses that remains as a prior attraction. The Somnath temples, India in the Saurashtra, Gujarat eternal shrines of the Hindu God Shiva.

Somnath Temple in Gujarat Location :

Somnath Temple, India is located in the Prabhas, Kshetra close to Veraval in Saurashtra on the west coast of Gujarat. It is 79 kms from Junagadh. The remains is a beautiful imposing structure that faces the vast expenses of the Arabian Sea. It is said that there are 12 Jyotirlings or Golden shrines that symbolizes lord Shiva. Legend has it that the temple is created by the moon god himself and for this reason that even after 6 times of destruction the temple was rebuilt every single time.

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How to Reach the Somnath Temple in Gujarat :

The easiest way to reach Somnath temple is by air. The nearest airport is Keshod that is 55 kms and one avail flights on a regular basis from all the metro cities of India as well as the other major cities. The nearest railhead is Veraval which is at a distance of 5 kms which is connected to Bombay and the other major cities by regular trains. Apart from all these options Somnath can also be accessed by road from Bombay, Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Junagadh, and Porbandar.

Places of Interest :

The Somnath temple is the main attraction of the place. The present temple is said to have survived 6 destructive attacks and raids. The present temple is the Kailash Mahameru Prasada. The current architecture of the Somnath temple reflects the Chalukya Style of temple architecture that shows the skills of the Sompuras, the master masons of Gujarat. The temple is located at such a point that there is no land in between the temple and the sea shore to Antarctica. The temple signifies that the power of creation is always greater than the power of destruction. Some other places of tourist interests are the Triveni Ghat, the Ahilyabai Temple, Junagadh gate, the Bhalka Tirth and many more. One can also avail the opportunity of going in an excursion to Chorwad at a distance of 26 kms and to Sasan Gir which is 43 kms away.

Shopping for Somnath Temple in Gujarat :

The Somnath temple, India has opened numerous avenues for temple pilgrimage not only in the national levels but also in the International levels. There has been a considerable development throughout the place nearby Somnath. The visitors can have a wholesome experience of enjoying both religious and recreational values.

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