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Tourist Places in Haridwar India

Situated along the Ganges, the city of Haridwar in Uttarakhand exudes tremendous mythological and historical value. Occupying over 12.302 sq. km, Haridwar, is the doorway to the three other major pilgrimages of India – Rishikesh, Badrinath, and Kedarnath. A major center of attention as it has been from the times of Buddha and down through the British rule and further still in the contemporary times, Haridwar offers some of the greatest tourist attractions like huge temples, busy market streets, ancient palaces, and forts.

One of the much traveled tourist destinations in India for pilgrims and vacationers alike, Haridwar offers several tourist sites to be explored. Located to the north, Hari – ki – Pairi ( or Har – ki – Pairi ) is taken as the city’s central point, where devotees come for a holy dip in the River Ganges.Evening Prayer at Har Ki Pauri, Tourism in Haridwar According to the legend this is actually where a drop of nectar fell as a result of the samudra manthan ( churning of the oceans ) – Mythically it signifies the start of the world.

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Gurukul Kangri University

Situated on the Haridwar – Jwalapur bypass road, this university uniquely follows the ancient tradition of Guru-Sishya technique of education. The institution also houses the Ved Mandir Museum which preserves an excellent collection of archaeological displays and exhibits artifacts of historical value.

Hari Ki Pauri

Hari ki pauri ghat was built by King Vikramaditya to commemorate the descending of Ganga after years of difficult prayers and fasting done by his ancestor Bhagirathi. Lord Vishnu is believed to have left his foot prints on a rock at this ghat. Everyday at twilight the Har ki pauri ghat comes to life with singing prayers and lit up lamps along the Ganges where people in hundreds and thousands view this mesmerizing and cleansing ritual. It is believed that the one who bathes at Har ki pauri gets rid of all sins and completely cleanses their soul. Floral tributes and lit up diyas floating on the Ganges is the most enchanting sight one gets at this ghat.

Chandi Devi

Standing atop the Neel Parvat, the Chandi Devi temple was built in 1929 AD by the king of Kashmir Suchat Singh. It is believed that the main statue of goddess Chandi devi, who killed the demon brothers Shumbh – Nishumbh, was laid here in the 8th century AD by Adi Shankracharya. The Chandi Devi temple can now be reached by a ropeway as well.

Mansa Devi

Situated on the southernmost hill of the Shivalik ranges is the Durga temple called Mansa Devi. One can reach this temple either on foot or by a cable car. Perched on Bilwa Parvat, the temple provides a panoramic view of the Haridwar city with the Ganges flowing in its middle.

Sapt Rishi Ashram & Sapt Sarovar

It is at this place that Ganges is believed to have divided itself into seven small streams to not to disturb the Sapt ( seven ) Rishis meditating and worshipping here.

Bharat Mata Mandir

It is one of its kind temples in Haridwar and is dedicated to Mother India, tracing its history from the times of Ramayana to present day. This eight storied temple houses the pictures and idols of some of the great Indian men from ancient to present times and pictures of the cities of the country. A must visit to get a sneak preview in to the history and culture of India.

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Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar

You can spot a huge assortment of bird species in Neel Dhara Pakshi Vihar. This place will charm you completely especially during the winters when it is visited by the migratory birds as well. Near Laljiwala along the banks of river Ganges you can spot the elegant Siberian Cranes.

Sati Kund

This is the holy place where the wife of Lord Shiva, Mata Sati is believed to have done the ritual of self – immolation. The ghat here is thus famous today as Sati Kund.

Rajaji National Park and Chila Wildlife Sanctuary

The Rajaji National Park, spread over an area of 240 sq km, houses the Chila wildlife Sanctuary and is situated at a distance of 10 km from Haridwar. Situated on the banks of River Ganges, the sanctuary is a haven for a large number of animals. This biodiversity park boasts of nearly 23 mammals and about 315 fauna species. The river in the park houses large number of fishes and fauna in the water. At Chila you can have the pleasure of spotting leopard, tigers, jungle cat, herd of elephants, wild boar, stags, spotted deer, sloth bear, langur, monkeys, woodpecker, king cobra etc. During the monsoons the park remains closed and otherwise it is open after sunrise and closed after dusk.

Events and Festivals

The Kumbh Mela is one of the most hugely attended festivals in Haridwar. The history of the Kumbh Mela goes back to the creation of the Universe and people from various religions and communities from all over the world gather here to take a holy dip in the Ganges.

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