Tourist Places in Khajuraho Temples India

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Tourist Places in Khajuraho Temples India

The biggest tourist attractions in Khajuraho are undoubtedly the erotic sculptures on the temples. Perfectly carved figurines depict the scenes and postures straight from Kamasutra – the ancient Indian erotica. But the artists’ imagination and aesthetics reign supreme as the theme celebrates eroticism.

A historic city widely acclaimed for its lovely temples, Khajuraho in the State of Madhya Pradesh is located in the woody planes of Bundelkhand region. One among the biggest tourist attractions in North India, the city has been rightly called as the symbol of the medieval heritage. The appealing temples of Khajuraho present a wonderful blend of architectural and sculptural sheerness, representing one of the preeminent examples of Indian art.

Architectural grandeur and delicacy of Khajuraho temples, has provided it with the prestigious status of a world heritage site by UNESCO. The centuries old temples are ornamented with most striking, erotic and aesthetic sculptures that expose the philosophy in the Hindu religion. The erotic images that adore the beautiful shrines depict the innocent form of love, a manifestation of stimulated human sentiments. A variety of opulent approaches, which are languorous, confrontational, impishly tempting, give reliability to the assumption that Khajuraho’s erotica were destined to check the devotees who came to adore their gods at the temples.

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The magnificence and dignity of Khajuraho is due to the innovative thoughts, highly developed artistic sense, and religious commitment of the great Chandela rulers. Being great patrons of art and architecture the Chandelas were enthusiastic in building pretty temples and fabulous forts. A synonym for the medieval splendor, Khajuraho temples illustrate not only the creativity of the craftsman but also the astonishing progressiveness of the illustrious rulers, under whose patronage these amazing structures were envisioned and materialized.

Apart from the poetry carved temples, Khajuraho is well known for the cultural extravaganza held every year from 25th February to 2nd March. Khajuraho Dance festival offers an elite platform to showcase the Indian classical dance forms, by which the stones of passion of the temple city will be plugged with the stunning performances of great dancers of India.

One among the hotspots in Indian tourism arena, Khajuraho offers excellent shopping opportunities with many shops, which offers mementos at best of prices. With all its magical charm and splendorous past, Khajuraho is all set to win the heart of the visitor.

Western group of temples :

Sculptures on these temples are the biggest of all tourist attractions in Khajuraho. The temples of this group cluster near the left of the entrance. The Kandariya Mahadeo temples are the largest and architecturally most perfect. Here lie the ruins of Chausath Yogini Temple, which is believed to the oldest in Khajuraho. Matangeshwar Temple features a huge Yoni pierced by a 2.5mtrs Lingam. This is the only temple, which is still worshipped.

Eastern group of temples :

These temples stand on the bank of the river Khajur. Javari Temple, Vamana Temple, Brahma and Hanuman Temple are the notable ones.

Jain group of temples :

The Jain groups of temples are also referred as Southern group of temples as they lie on the southeast side of the old village. Parsvanath Temple is the most reputed of all of them.

Panna National Park :

Only 25kms away from Khajuraho, the national park sprawls over an area of 543 sq. km. along the eastern bank of the Ken River. Gurgling brooks and chirpy waterfalls make a perfect setting for the exotic wild lives including tigers.

Rane Falls :

Some 20kms away from Khajuraho, the Ken River plunges down to a 5 km long, 30mtrs deep canyon, giving birth to the spectacular Rane Falls. The crystalline granites on the backdrop present a mesmerizing pallet of color from pink to gray. Khajuraho dance festival, held during in February or March, adds to the tourist attractions in Khajuraho.

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