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Water Falls of India

Tamil Nadu has a prominent place in the Indian tourism development sector. It is a land of various art forms, cultures, traditions, architecture and nature’s wonderful artworks. Tamil Nadu is the southernmost part of the Indian Peninsula and the second largest tourism industry in India. The greenery of the Ghats is on one side while the long sandy shores on the other. The remains of Dravidian traditions and culture are still intact in this state. On the way from Kanyakumari to Thiruvalluvar district, innumerable tourist destinations can be seen. There are beaches, temples, hill stations, historic places and palaces. Apart from these, there are a couple of picturesque waterfalls which enhances the beauty of this enchanting state. Here’s a list of some popular waterfalls in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Hogenakkal Falls

The word Hogenakkal is derived from a Kannada word meaning ‘smoking rocks’ but this beautiful falls is in Tamil Nadu in Dharmapuri district. Also known as  “The Niagara of India” , the falls drop from a height of 20 meter forming a smoke of water. Hogenakkal is famous for its medicinal baths as river Cauvery flows through a forest which contains herbs that are traditionally believed to have curative powers and enhances health. Surrounded by Rocky Mountains and greenery, this falls always attracts thick crowd of tourists during the best season which is post monsoon in February. Another attraction is the hide boat rides or the coracle ride. This is known to be one among the oldest means of water transport. A coracle is made of bamboo having a diameter of 2.24 meters and has the shape of a saucer. Another specialty is that the Carbonatite rocks found here which are considered to be the oldest of its kind in South Asia and one of the oldest in the world. Trekking lovers can trek to the surrounding Melagiri hills and explore the lush greenery. This falls can be reached by road / rail either from Salem or from Bangalore. Hogenakkal is 45 km from Dharmapuri town and 114 km from Salem. Nearest airport is Bangalore airport.

Kutrallam Falls

Another major tourist destination in the south tour is the Courtallam or the Kutrallam falls. This falls is in the Tirunelveli district and Tirunelveli town is just 53 km away. The water drops from a height of 160m and has herbal values which are believed to relax minds and even cure psychological disorders. Due to its herbal significance, numerous health resorts are found here giving the falls a title – Spa of the South. There are several other waterfalls near the Courtallam falls namely, Five Falls, Chittaruvi or Small falls, Old falls, Shenbaga Devi Falls, Tiger falls, Honey Falls and Palaruvi falls. Other attractions include the boat houses near five falls, public aquarium, Snake Park, small children’s park and play areas. The nearest railway station is Sengottai which is 5 km away and the nearest airport is Tuticorin Airport which is 86 km away.

Killiyur Falls

Killiyur falls is a 300 ft high lovely waterfall near Yercaud which is a famous hill station in Tamil Nadu. It is just 36km away from Salem town. The coffee plantations, orange groves and the misty hills contribute for the scenic beauty of Yercaud. It has a very moderate and cool climate varying from 12 °C to 30 °C and the best season would be between October and May. Anybody who visits Yercaud would never miss Killiyur falls as it is just 2 km away from the lovely Yercaud Lake. This falls is in the Shervaroyan hill range in the Eastern Ghats. The wondrous view of Salem town from Yercaud is a memorable one, especially during night. Yercaud is well connected by road and you can easily reach there from Salem town which is well connected by rail, road and air.

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Thirparappu Falls

The itinerary of Kanyakumari trip will definitely contain Thiruparappu falls as it is an all time favorite tourist spot of families. Kodayar river plunges down to a depth of 50 ft from the rocky river bed to form the Thiruparappu waterfalls. This place is 5 km away from the Kulasekharam town which is on the Trivandrum – Kanyakumari Highway. Domestic as well as foreign tourists drop in to take a relaxing bath under the falls. A swimming pool for children and dressing room is available near the falls. Other attractions are the ancient Shiva temple which is built in A.D 9th century, a Cave temple, Pechiparai Dam and Vattapparai falls in the Keeripparai hills. Another 60 km drive through the highway would take you to Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of Indian Peninsula.

Silver Cascade Falls

The enchanting beauty of Kodaikanal alias the princess of hill stations in the misty Western Ghats is known worldwide. The star shaped Kodaikanal lake outflows and sprinkles silvery water from a 180 ft height called the Silver cascade waterfalls. This falls is 8 km from Kodaikanal on the ghat road. There is another waterfall called the Bear shola falls which is 1.5 km from the lake. Earlier bears used to come here to drink water and it is inside the calm forest. A walk towards the fall through the forest path is a must do. Fairy falls and Pambar falls are other small falls but good picnic spots near Kodaikanal. On the way up to Kodaikanal through the Kodai ghat road, there is view point called Dum Dum Rock view point from where a spellbound waterfall and Manjalar Dam can be seen. The falls resembles the tail of rat, thus it’ s known as the Rat Tail falls. The original name is Thalaiyar Falls. This waterfall is the third highest waterfall in India dropping from a height of 975 ft in the Palani hill range. The best season to view these falls would be from October to January and April to June. Kodaikanal is the nearest town and you will get a number of buses from Palani town which is 64 km away. The nearest airports are Madurai ( 135 kilometers ) and Coimbatore ( 170 kilometers ). The nearest Railway stations are Palani Railway Station ( 64 kilometers ) to the north, Kodai Road Station ( 80 kilometers ) to the south east and Dindigul Railway Junction ( 100 kilometers ) to the east.

Papanasam Falls

Papanasam has great religious significance related to Hindu mythology. It is a small town 60 km away from Tirunelveli. Tamiraparani river flowing down from Western Ghats reaches the plains at Papanasam and here the river is known as Papanasam river. The word Papanasam means to free from sins. Thus a bath in the holy water of this falls washes away all sins done by a person. It is believed that right after their wedding, Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathy appeared in front of Saint Agasthya near this falls. Thus it’ s known as Agasthiyar Falls. There is a temple near this falls called the Papavinasheveswar Temple. One can reach the holy waterfalls by trekking 3 km through the forest. Papanasam Dam, Manimuthar Dam and falls are other picnic spots near this waterfall.

Banatheertham Falls

Another waterfall in Tirunelveli district which is gaining popularity recently is the Banatheertham falls or Roja Falls. Since a popular song from the famous Manirathnam movie ‘Roja’ was picturized here, people began to call this waterfalls as Roja falls. This beautiful place is deep inside the Mundanthurai Tiger reserve and above Karayar dam. A boat ride across the dam gives a stunning view of the falls. After the boat ride, a few minutes trek would lead us to the waterfalls. A fence is built near the falls to allow people to take a shower under the natural waterfall. The dense forest, lush green hills and the dam site gives a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Another special reason for its increasing popularity is its perennial character. Mundanthurai is connected only by road but tourists can come through rail till Tenkasi or Tirunelveli. This destination is 47 km from Tirunelveli town.

Bear Shola Falls

Bear Shola Falls situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, among the Palani Hills, Kodaikanal is one of the unexplored destinations of southern India. With its intoxicating air, breathtaking scenery and serenity that you can hardly find in any other hill station, Kodaikanal is an ideal summer resort for the travel buffs of the southern plains.

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Shenbagadevi Falls

The Shenbaga devi falls is another falls in Kutralam in a natural environment . The falls is situated above Main falls in the Chitraar  river line . It is around 2.5 km from the Sitraruvi Falls. One has to trek thro the hils along the Chitraar river to reach the Shenbagadevi Falls . It takes roughly arond 30 mins. to reach the falls from Sitraruvi  Falls . The Chitraar riverafter reaching Honey falls flows down the hills to reach the Shenbagadevi falls .

Kolli Hills – Agaya Gangai Falls

Kolli hills have splendid beauty of the evergreen forests all around and the unswayed commercialism to boast about. Nestled in the Eastern Ghats of Tamil Nadu, these hills were mentioned in the Tamil Literature written in 1st or 2nd century. This majestic hills is adorned by a very pretty silvery waterfalls called Agaya Gangai or popularly known as Kolli falls. A jungle stream called ‘Panchanathi’ flows down from a 300 feet high cliff to a beautiful valley to form this lovely waterfall. The walk down to the bottom of the falls is a bit tiring but a refreshing bath in the falls would rejuvenate you. This destination is in Namakkal district in an enchanting location which is surrounded by lush green mountains and forests. There is a Hindu temple called Arapaleeswarar temple atop the cliff near the falls. Kolli Hills is best known for trekking and often being a favourite destination of nature lovers. More tourists flew to Kolli hills these days due to its refreshing pure air with cool climate and natural beauty. The panoramic view from Seekuparai and Selur Nadu view points are awesome. A drive through the ghat road from Karavalli village is an adventurous one as it has 70 hairpins bends. The nearest railway station is Salem which is 100km away and the nearest Airport is at Tiruchirapalli which is 90km away from Kolli Hills. Namakkal is 55 km from here and you get lots of buses to these hills as it is a popular Tourist destination.

Adyanpara Falls

Nestled in the land of perennial springs and lush green mountains Adyanpara is acascading waterfall in the Kurmbalangod village of Nilambur taluk in Kerala. This region attracts a wide variety of exotic as well as migratory birds and is rich in wildlife. It is a charming and picteresque picnic spot.

Athirapally Falls

The magnificent Athirapally falls start calmly from the mountains, crash through gorges overhung with trees and finally plummet over 80 ft to join the Chalakkudy River in its course. Its cool misty waters surrounded by thick tropical rain forests provide a serene haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Chachai Waterfall

In the jungles of Madhya Pradesh, in an area famous for its scenic beauty,delicious mangoes and the rare white tigers lie the Chachai Falls. They are a beautiful spectacle of water falling in torrents from a height of 130 mts. The falls are situated on the banks of the river Bihad in the Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh

Chunchanakatte Falls

Chunchanakatte Falls is a waterfall on the river Kaveri, near the village of Chunchanakatte in Mysore district of Karnataka in India. In these peaceful and lush green surrounding the water gently cascades from a height of about 20 meters creating a soothing gurgling sound on its onward journey.

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Dudhsagar Falls

The gorgeous Dudhsagar Falls drop a sheer 600 mts and are one of the highest falls in the county. Located on the border of Karnataka and Goa, its inan area of dense tropical jungle, criss crossed with delightful streams and dotted with shallow pools, inviting and safe enough for a lesiurely swim. The view from the top of the waterfall is simply breath taking.

Duduma Waterfalls

The majestic Duduma Waterfall lies deep in the heartland of Orissa, averdant paradise of paddy fields and palm fringed silver beaches,temples, rivers, waterfalls and tribal people. In a quiet forest and aserene setting it truly is a hiden wonder.

Gersoppa Falls

One of the most spectacularly beautiful falls, the Gersoppa stem from the Sharavati River in Karnataka. The river plunges over a sharp cliff and falls in four cascades, the highest of which is 830 ft. It is a wild and unruly beauty of nautre right next to the city of Bombay yet far removed from the madness of the city.

Godchinamalaki Falls

The Godachinmalki Falls are located in the Belguam district of Karnataka, India. Situated in a rugged valley these charming falls first take a dipof about 25 mts and flow into a rocky pool from which they take another plunge of about 18 mts. This magical natural spot with blue green waters surrounded by forests require a little walk before it can be reached,but is well worth the effort.

Gokak Falls

6 kms from the town of gokak in karnataka, the great Ghataprabha river meandears through the terrain before plummetting 52 mts down sheer sandstone cliffs, passing through a rugged valley and a picturesque gorge. The natural springs and hills all around add to its beauty. The dull roar of these falls echo through the mountains and can be heard from a distance.

Jog Falls

The Jog falls in Karnataka are an ode to nature’ s power, in these wild and unspoilt surroundings, the Sharavati river crashes nearly nine hundred feet downwards, forming four cascades locally known as – king, queen, rocket and roarer. This spectacular fall is Asia’s highest and during the monsoon when the river swells the water gushes down with such speed that the entire vista is covered in mists and arching rainbows cover the droplets.

Jonha Falls

Near the picteresque Johna Falls stands Lord Gautam Budha’s temple and because of this famous temple these falls are also known as Gautam Dhara. Situated amidst rich foliage abundant in wildlife, it lies on the banks of the kanchi river. It is 40 km on Ranchi – Purulia road in Jharkhand.

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Muthyalamaduvu Falls

Muthyalamaduvu, also known as Pearl Valley, is a popular picnic spot situated about 45km south of Bangalore in Karnataka. The Muthyalamaduvu Falls or the Pearl Valley Falls is a gushing stream cascading down from a height of 92 m. The drops of water strewn across the rock surface on impact lend the appearance of scattered pearls. Hence the name. The fall, its sereneambience and the lush green valley is a huge draw for visitors.

Shivanasamudra Falls

The Shivanasamudra Falls are situated 85 Kms east of Mysore, here the river Cauvery cascades down from a height of 75 meters into a deep rockygorge. The white waters that cut across deep green hills create a starkand beautiful natural contrast, it is a beautiful natural spot.

Vazhachal Falls

The Shivanasamudra Falls are situated 85 Kms east of Mysore, here the river Cauvery cascades down from a height of 75 meters into a deep rockygorge. The white waters that cut across deep green hills create a starkand beautiful natural contrast, it is a beautiful natural spot.

List of waterfalls in India by Height :

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Water Falls of World

The Top 10 Waterfalls of the World :

1.  Iguazu Falls ( Iguassu Falls ) [ Puerto Iguazú, Argentina / Foz Do Iguaçu, Brazil ]

With its brink spanning a distance of an incredible 2km in its average flow of 1.3 million liters per second, this falls tops our list of favorites. The falls actually consists of some 275 individual waterfalls and cascades. Catwalks make it easy to get closeup and intimate views and the rainforest surroundings make the scenery feel right for a natural attraction such as this. Put it all together and Julie and I believe this falls is heads and shoulders above the rest ( except Victoria Falls ) that we’ve seen!

2. Victoria Falls ( Mosi  –  Oa  –  Tunya ) [ Livingstone, Zambia  /  Victori Falls,  Zimbabwe  ]

Easily deserving of the top spot on this list ( though it finished a very close second ), it’s the largest singular waterfall in the world spanning a width of 1.7km, a height of 108m, and an average flow of 1 million liters per second! It’s no wonder this  “smoke that thunders” is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Indeed, it’s got power, beauty, and it will make you humble and awestruck.

3. Niagara Falls [ Ontario,  Canada  /  New York,  Usa  ]

Easily the most famous waterfall in North America, this powerful waterfall also ranks as the biggest one by volume with a whopping average of about 750,000 gallons per second ( 2.8 million Liters per second ) In addition to its raw power, the falls is easily one of the easiest to access and view from all sorts of angles. While its surroundings are a bit less naturesque for many, it clearly makes the upper tier of our list of Top 10 Waterfalls.

4. Plitvice Waterfalls [ Northern Dalmatia,  Croatia ]

When it comes to the overall waterfalling experience, it’s hard to beat this world famous attraction. While the rest of the waterfalls on our Top 10 List are primarily singular waterfall attractions, this one is really a network of countless waterfalls ( some of which are impressive enough to stand out on their own ). The waterfalls themselves segregate the many clear and colorful lakes that bring life to this lush and protected ecosystem. Plus, you have boardwalks that take you under, over, and around almost all of the notable waterfalls for some of the most intimate waterfalling experiences to be had. Add it all up, putting these waterfalls on this list was an absolute no – brainer as far as Julie and I were concerned.

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5. Angel Falls ( Salto Angel ) [ Canaima, Venezuela ]

Plunging uninterrupted for 807m ( with total drop of 979m ) from a mystical tabletop mountain ( tepuy ) deep in a Venezuelan equatorial rainforest, it is widely acknowledged as the tallest permanent waterfall in the world. Its existence defies logic as its source is nothing but the soggy cloud forest on the plateau of the tepuy. No doubt about it, there’s nothing like this waterfall and the adventure to even get to this so  –  called Lost World ( Mundo Perdido ) for a chance to see this world wonder is sure to leave you with a lasting.

6. Yosemite Falls [ California, Usa ]

Even though this waterfall doesn’t flow year round, it does flow for a good part of the year and it’s one of the tallest in the world at 2425ft. It’s the crown jewel of attractions in the incomparable Yosemite Valley and it’s easily seen from a multitude of viewpoints and trails. So given its ease of access, scenery, and sheer size, this waterfall makes our Top 10 Waterfalls List.

7. Kaieteur Falls [ Potaro River, Guyana ]

Said to be one of the tallest single – drop waterfalls in the world, this rectangular – shaped monster ( said to be 741ft tall 370ft wide ) sits atop the ancient Guyana Shield amidst some of the most pristine rainforest left on earth Indeed a visit to this world wonder can yield rare wildlife settings as well as the reassurance that there are still places on the planet where nature is still allowed to thrive. Thus, Julie and I had to make room for this waterfall on our Top 10 List.

8. Gullfoss [ Haukadalur, Iceland ]

One of the more unique waterfalls you’ll ever see in the world, this wild and wide waterfall tumbling on the Hvita River in two tiers at 90 degree angles to each other is one of Iceland’s iconic natural attractions. Part of the Golden Circle of Iceland’s main attractions in the Southwest, this is a must on anyone’ s itinerary. In addition to the falls’ unique shape, you can see rainbows arcing over the falls when your timing’s right and the weather cooperates.

9. Dettifoss [ Jokulsargljufur, Iceland ]

It is Europe’s most powerfull waterfall sending glacial meltwaters over its 44m precipice unchecked at a flow of around 500 cubic meters per second. It epitomizes the wild and raw Icelandic Nature and is a favorite amongst Icelandic Nature lovers. Its position at the head of the impressive Jokulsargljufur ( the Icelandic version of the Grand Canyon ) surrounded by three other major waterfalls on the same river makes it a no – brainer for this to make our Top 10 Waterfalls List.

10. Sutherland Falls [ Fiordland, New Zealand ]

In a country that holds a special place in our hearts, this gorgeous 580m waterfall is easily New Zealand’ s most spectacular waterfall and makes our list. Given its remote location deep in the wild and beautiful Fiordland National Park ( also a World Heritage Area ),  it’ s one of many highlights of the Milford Track – said to be one of the finest walks in the world.

Waterfalls of the World by Height :

PlaceCity / State
Ajanta Caves Aurangabad ( Maharashtra )
Akbar's Tomb Sikandra ( Uttar Pradesh )
Ambernath Cave Kashmir ( Jammu & Kashmir )
Amber Palace Jaipur ( Rajasthan )
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Anand Bhavan Allahabad ( Uttar Pradesh )
Bhakra Dam Punjab ( Punjab )
Birla Planetarium Kolkata ( West Bengal )
Black Pagoda Konark ( Orissa )
Bodhisattva ( Ajanta Caves )Aurangabad ( Maharashtra )
Brihadeeswara Temple Thanjavur ( Tamil Nadu )
Brindavan Gardens Mysore ( Karnataka )
Buland DarwazaFatehpur Sikri ( Uttar Pradesh )

Highest Water Falls of the World :

Salto Angel, ( Salto Churun Meru )

Angel Falls ( Spanish : Salto Angel; Pemon language : Kerepakupai Vena, meaning “waterfall of the deepest place”, or Parakupa Vena, meaning “the fall from the highest point” ) is a waterfall in Venezuela. It is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 m ( 3,212 ft ) and a plunge of 807 m ( 2,648 ft ). The waterfall drops over the edge of the Auyantepui mountain in the Canaima National Park ( Spanish : Parque Nacional Canaima ), a UNESCO World Heritage site in the Gran Sabana region of Bolívar State. The height figure 979 m ( 3,212 ft ) mostly consists of the main plunge but also includes about 400 m ( 0.25 mi ) of sloped cascades and rapids below the drop and a 30 – metre ( 98 ft ) high plunge downstream of the talus rapids.

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Tugela Falls

Tugela Falls variously listed between 1,800 feet ( 549m ) and 3,110 feet ( 948m ) depending on the source. Other height claims are 2,014 feet ( 614m ), and 2,853 feet ( 870m ). It is our theory that the two lower figures only refer to the first two drops. Photographs clearly show that the 3rd tier follows the 2nd tier just as closely as the 2nd tier follows the 1st tier. The three tiers together most likely account for the 2853 feet ( 870m ) height figure. Since the 4th and 5th tiers are still more or less continuous, with no lengthy interstitial stretch of river between, we feel that the height figure of 3110′ ( 948m ) is wholly credible. At any height, this is a very tall waterfall.

 Utigord Falls ( Utigordsfoss )

Utigord waterfall is the third tallest in the world at about 2685 feet. They are also known by their alternative name, Ramnefjellsfossen, after a nearby mountain, Ranmefjell, which in the last hundred years has killed more than 100 people as a result of soil longsor. Air waterfall, located in Nesdalen in Norway, are fed by the Glacier Jostedal. They may be reached by plane ship, sea or road. A campground is located within hiking distance from the base of the waterfall.

Monge ( Mongefoss )

Mongefossen listed as the fourth tallest waterfall in the world. The waterfall is located in Rauma municipality in More og Romsdal area, Norway. It is situated near the motorway E136 and Rauma River, which flows into. There is some debate about the altitude, but generally listed in the 773 meters (2536 feet). As with many of Norway’s highest waterfall, have been targeted for hydropower, which produces greatly reduced flow of water during the summer tourist season.

Gocta Cataracts ( Upper Section )

Gocta ( Spain :  Catarata del Gocta ) is a perennial waterfall with two drops of Peru is located in the province of Chachapoyas in Amazonas, about 700 kilometers ( 430 miles ) northeast of Lima. Flowing to the River Cocahuayco. Although the waterfall is known to locals for centuries ( it is in full view of the nearby village ), its existence unknown to the world until after the expedition made ​​in 2005 by a, German Stefan Ziemendorff, with a group of Peruvian explorers. These new cataract was found to have two big drops and they are not known to the outside world until they were discovered in 2005 by the German explorer Stefan Ziemandorff and his party Peru.

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Mutarazi ( Mtarazi )

Waterfalls Mutarazi in Nyanga Nat’l Park, Zimbabwe. A study of Google Earth elevation profile 2499 shows that the figures often cited feet would require a change in elevation of the lip around the plateau to the valley floor Honde. River meandering along the plains Mutarazi and make the leap double down the steep cliff face into a wooded valley. The top level is hidden from the viewpoint at the edge of the plateau, but clearly visible from the valley floor. Falls elegantly paired with another large river that fell from the waterfall a little higher and more productive called Muchururu Falls.


Yosemite waterfalls in Yosemite Nat’l Park, California, U.S. with 2.425 feet. Nowhere else in the world there is such a major concentration of waterfalls. Upper Yosemite ribbon and ranks among the highest in the world. In the spring of one year with abundant snow falls there are dozens of ephemeral, some altitude prodigous – El Capitan Falls drops 1400 feet and often blows away all before it reaches the bottom. Some fall, such as Cascade and Silver Strand, which will be known elsewhere, is hardly mentioned in guide books, while others, like Snow Creek, access is so difficult that almost no one ever saw them. Ladder Falls so lost to the magnitude of the cliff at Glacier Point that people who suddenly feel they have made to distinguish personal discovery. People are very interested in the waterfall, to take pictures and have their pictures taken. They climbed to the base, rising to the top, swim in the pool at the bottom, and swept to their deaths over giddying drops.

Espelands ( Espelandsfoss )

Espelands ( Espelandsfoss ) is the tallest waterfall which has a height of 703 meters. The waterfall is located in Espelandsdalen ( Valley Espeland ), Granvin in Hardanger, Norway. Because of an urban legend, sometimes erroneously claimed to be 2307 meters. One theory is that the misinformation may stem from a misunderstanding of the concept of the Head Meter, in conjunction with the development of rivers for hydropower Espeland. Another theory is that there may have been mixup with Skrikjofossen in Lofthus, Ullensvang, a 455 m waterfall located about 60 miles south Espelandsfossen.

Lower Mar Valley ( Ostra Mardolafoss )

Located in eikesdal, Norway, in rapids Mardals. Lower Mar Valley ( Ostra Mardolafoss ) Eikesdal, Norway River Mardals 2151 feet / 655. Lower Mar Valley waterfall known in Norway as Ostra Mardola Fossen ( or Ostra Mardalsfossen ) is one of the ten tallest waterfalls in the world. Water, which has been tapped for the use of hydroelectric power, flows over the falls during the summer tourist season. At other times the water is channeled through a hydroelectric scheme. Water, which has been tapped for the use of hydroelectric power, flows over the falls during the summer tourist season June 20 to August 20. At other times the water is channeled through a hydroelectric scheme.


Tyssestrengene waterfall is a waterfall near Odda, Norway Tysso fed by the River. Decrease in total 646 meters ( 2120 feet ), while the highest drop is 312 meters ( 1020 feet ). Unfortunately, after their incorporation in the Norwegian Hydroelectric Power Authority, their water flow is reduced to such a point that only after the snow melts the weight is there any substance flow. However, they are among the highest waterfall in the world and, according to Statistics Norway, the highest drop in Norway.

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Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe /  Zambia

Victoria Falls, or Mosi – oa – Tunya, is located in southern Africa between the countries of Zimbabwe and Zambia. It was named after Victoria Queen in 1855 by David Livingstone, a Scottish explorer and missionary. Before that time the falls, were known as “The Mist that Thunders.” According to one of the lists of wonders it takes its place in the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world, it is one of the largest and most exciting. With its width of 1,708 meters and height of 108 meters it forms one of the biggest water screens in the world.

Steinsdalsfossen – Norway

Steinsdalsfossen is the most visited waterfalls in Norway. It is located not far from Bergen on the river Fosselva. Steinsdalsfossen is about 50 meters high and is at its greatest when the snow melts in May and June. A path goes behind the falls where the visitors can stay dry and watch the powerful falls from within. You must add Steinsdalsfossen to your list of places to visit for sure.

Niagara Falls – Canada /  USA

Niagara Falls is located on the border between Canada and the United States. It consists of three waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls – which separate the U.S. state of New York and the Canadian province of Ontario. In spite of its height of only about 53 meters, the gorgeous Niagara Falls are the most powerful waterfalls in northern America, with a producing capacity of up to 4.4 gigawatts of electricity. An extremely impressive view is observed from the Canadian side from the Rainbow Bridge connecting the two countries.

Giessbach Waterfalls – Switzerland

This vivid and picturesque waterfall is claimed neither as the largest nor the highest falls. Usually one can see the Giessbach Falls on European travel postcards as it combines all the natural elements that Swiss beauty is known for – crystal-clear lakes and snowy white mountain peaks surrounded in serene greenery. It’s formed by 14 cascades falling into Lake Brienz. What a wonderful spectacle.

Yellowstone Falls – USA

Yellowstone Falls is located within Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. It is formed by two major waterfalls on the Yellowstone River – Upper Yellowstone and Lower Yellowstone – which both enter the famed Grand Canyon. The Lower Falls are almost twice as high as Niagara, and in no way comparable to it are only about 22 meters in width. The Lower Falls are surrounded with volcanic rocks and mountains. It is believed that Jim Bridger may have been the first white American to see the falls in 1846. In 1969 the falls were formally named the Yellowstone Falls.

Iguazu Falls – Argentina / Brazil

Iguazu Falls is a complex of falls on the Iguazu River within Iguazu National Park, which is located on the border between Brazil and Argentina. The waterfall took its name from the Guaraní words “y” as water and “guasu” meaning large. Iguazu Falls contains around 270 smaller falls with an overall width of 2,7 km. The major waterfall in the Iguazu complex is called Devil’s Throat ( also knows as “Garganta del Diablo” in Spanish ) and is outlining the border between the two countries. Multiple islands separate the waterfalls from other. Upon seeing Iguazu, the United States’ First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt reportedly exclaimed “Poor Niagara” Undoubtedly, Iguazu must be on your list of places to visit.

Huangguoshu Waterfall – China

Huangguoshu ( also known as Yellow Fruit Tree Waterfall ) is one of the largest waterfalls in China ( and Asia as a whole ). It is located on the Baihe River in Anshun, Guizhou Province. It’s possible to explore, watch and even touch the waterfall from behind – from the water – curtain cave named “Shuiliandong”. Because of this fact the Huangguoshu Waterfalls is one of the few falls in the world that can be viewed from any of its sides – back, front, above, below, left and right.

Gullfoss – Iceland

Gullfoss ( from the Icelandic words “gull” meaning gold and “foss” meaning waterfall ) is the largest waterfall in Europe and Iceland’s most beautiful one. It is located in southwest Iceland, in the canyon of the Hvita River. Gullfoss consists of two levels – one 21 meters tall and the other 11 meters in height – arranged orthogonally to each other. The overall depth of the falls is 70 meters. The waterfalls make up a part of the “Golden Circle” – a group of geysers and hot water springs – the most popular tourists’ day tour and place of interest in the country.

Angel Falls – Venezuela

At a height of 1024 m, Angel Falls is the world’s tallest waterfall. It is located within Canapa National Park in Venezuela. The name of the fall has nothing to do with angels; it is named after Jimmie Angel, an American aviator who was the first to fly over the falls in a plane in 1933. In Venezuela the waterfall is known as Kerepakupai meru ( which in the Pemon language means “waterfall of the deepest place” ). The Angel Falls can be reached only by air, which makes the expedition not only fascinating but also extremely unpredictable.

Beaver Falls – Supai, Arizona, USA

Beaver Falls is the fourth set of waterfalls in the Havasu Creek canyon. It’s claimed by many as not being an actual waterfall because of its short height and the fact that there are a big number of smaller falls which are located close to each other. Despite its size, Beaver Falls is the most beautiful in the range. The waterfall is located approximately 9.7 km downstream of Supai, and is the most difficult to access. What a great place for cliff – jumping, climbing, and other sites to explore.


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