Interview – Importance of Body language

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Interview – Importance of Body language

Body language refers to non-verbal and usually unconscious communication through the use of Postures, Gestures, Facial expressions and the like. It is one of the most important aspects of an interview as first impression is the last impression . The interviewer wants to see a confident candidate who is capable of taking initiatives, of finding solutions to problems and of picking out important details.

A confident and self – assured body language ensures positive vibes from the interviewer. Walk into the interviewers office, standing straight and brimming with confidence. Wish the interviewer good morning / afternoon / evening in order to initiate and facilitate the conversation. Do not seem to be excited or nervous. Take a seat when offered. Sit straight, but relaxed , arms in a natural position. Clasping your hands together or crossing your arms indicates your anxiousness. Have proper eye contact with the interviewer as this will reflect your confidence. If there are more than one person in the Interview Board, include everyone in your glance.

Maintain a smiling face throughout the interview and ensure not to indulge in fidgeting or finger tapping. Your answers must be clear, crisp and audible. Do not put your hand over your mouth as you speak. Speak slowly with pause, wherever necessary and avoid speaking in monotone. Think hard analyze the question, take time to answer and justify your opinion with a certain degree of assertiveness, but not arrogance. Do not be either too passive or over familiar. Winning tactic in an interview is the ability to recapture interviewer’s attention during the course of the interview.

Do not accept a beverage during the interview as this action is out of etiquettes. Be gracious in declining the offer, if made by the interviewer. Pick up your belongings, if any, walk briskly to the door and leaves.

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