Interview – Need To Exercise Initiative In Interviews

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Interview – Need To Exercise Initiative In Interviews

The prospective employer or the professional interviewer on his behalf, tries to find out, through the medium of the interview, how far and how best you can fill the bill for the job in view. Now, put yourself for a moment in his shoes. If you are an employer what things you would like to find out about the individual whom you wish to employ. What personally and character traits of the individual you would be interested to discover? Certainly you would want to check on these aspects.

I. Appearance and Bearing : What is his first impression like? Is he able to make a favourable impression? Does he create an impact? How are his dressing habits and grooming? Is he cheerful and bright? Does he smile? Is he neat and clean? Does he reveal pleasant and good manners? Does he observe the rules of etiquette?

II. Level of Intelligence : Is he intelligent as well as sensible? Does he show good awareness? Has he a quick and goof grasp? Is he well read? Has he got good general knowledge and sound commonsense? What is the extent and depth of his knowledge in regard to the job he has applied for? What are his qualifications and experience? How has he acquitted himself in his studies? Can he learn quickly and improve by training? Does he reveal imagination and foresight? Is he mentally alert.

III. Power of Expression : Can he talk? Does he speak fluently or does he prove to be a tongue-tied? Is he capable of communicating his thoughts clearly, crisply, coherently and effectively? Does he put across ideas freely, convincingly and powerfully? Is he able to reason out in a logical and rational manner? Does he sound convincing ? Does he speak with enthusiasm and interest to impress Others?. Is he able to command and hold the attention of his audience? Is he practise and accurate in his talk or does he resort to waffle? How does he react to critism ? is he good at selling his ideas and winning over others to his way of thinking?

IV. Organization : Is he resourceful? Has he tackled any difficult problems with success? Is he capable of producing workable solutions in practical situations? Is he industrious, painstaking and thorough? Does he display the required concentration? Is he able to stick to his objective and avoid going after red-herrings? Does he know his own mind? Has he the ability to work to time, method and situation? Does he go about a job in a planned, methodical and systematic manner? Is he steady and consistent or does he do things by fits and starts? Can he combine his resources judiciously with an eye for economy? Is he able to exercise control and coordination while effecting decentralization of authority and responsibility?

V. Physical Fitness : Does he enjoy sound health? Is he physically tough and fit? What efforts does he make to keep himself physically fit? Does he play games or take exercise regularly? How good is his stamina? Does he get tired easily or is he able to carry on and withstand fatigue effectively? Does his physical movements and activities reveal vitality and strength?

VI. Dynamic Qualities : Has he rousing enthusiasm, urge and interest? Is he active, energetic and lively? Does he reveal dash, speed and push? Has he enough self-confidence and courage to act bodly and decisively? Will he take plunge without hesitation? Is he enterprising? Can he take decisions? Does he display initiative? Has he got determination and tenacity? Is he able to grasp and make good use of the opportunities that come his way? Is he willing to take reasonable risks? Can he preserve and hold on with patience and faith in the face of difficulties? Can he get over his defeats and set-backs and succeed in spite of them?

VII. Social Aspects : Is he warm, friendly and cooperative? Does he display the attitude of give and take? Is he ready to make sacrifices for the sake of others or his Organization? Does he prove to be flexible, accommodative and easy to approach? Does he enjoy the company of others? Is he reserved, aloofish, dull and gloomy or does he prove to be hearty, sociable, cheerful and a ready mixer? Has he been able to get along well with his superiors, equals and subordinates? Is he able to adjust himself readily or does he complain, bicker, bind and moan about all the time? Has he been utilizing his spare time? Has he many friends? Is he willing to help? Can he conduct himself in a cordial and pleasant manner at a social gathering. Is he fond of traveling, seeing new places and meeting new faces? Can he feel relaxed and comfortable in his presence. Do people specially seek out his company? Do others find it easy and natural to confide to him? Is he able to look at things from the viewpoint of others? Does he display adequate tact? Is he considerate and sympathetic towards the feeling and sentiments of others? Does he keep pace with changing ideas? Is he progressive in his outlook? Has he a good sense of humour?

VIII. Character and Integrity : Is he honest, loyal and trustworthy ? how are his financial moral rectitude? Has he proved to be reliable and dependable in his past dealings? Does ? Does he keep his word? Does he prove to be responsible while talking about or commenting on others? Does he refrain from speaking ill of others in their absence? Is he discreet and reveals capacity to safeguard company secrets? Has he got national pride and a sense of patriotism? Are his habits temperature and praiseworthy? Is he prudent in spending money or does he prove to be extravagant? Has he the moral strength to withstand temptations? Is he well disciplined and capable of good self control? Has he self-respect and the courage to stand by his noble ideals? Does he display a sense of duty?

IX. Leadership Qualities : Does he reveal esprit de corps or team spirit ? can he get along well with others? Is he able to create a strong impact on a group? Has he the ability to bind the group into a well-knit and harmonious team? Is he capable of encouraging others and bringing out the best in them? Can he exercise effective command without giving rise of frictions and complaints? Does he place the interests of his men, group or organization before his own? Can he judge others with reasonable accuracy? Is he able to select the right type of man for the right job? Is he a bully or a democratic leader? Can he successfully motivate and influence others? Has he been able to get things done smoothly and efficiently? Does he reveal a genuine interest in the welfare of his men? Does he set an example for others to follow? Is he liked, loved and respected by his men? Is he able to inspire others with confidence and enthusiasm when embarked upon difficult and hazardous assignments?

X. Optimistic Outlook : Does he display optimism, positive attitude and constructive approach in his under takings? Has he clear objectives, definite goals and laudable ambitions? Is he confident of success? Does he look forward to a bright, prosperous and happy future? Is he determined to win? Do his words, thoughts, attitudes, approach, behavior and action always reflect his unanswering faith in ultimate success? Now you know what your employer or interviewer is interested to find out about yourself. Naturally, he cannot ask you direct questions on such factors or expect to get correct and truthful answers for them. In any case actions speak better than words. Therefore, he will try to get these details by making you talk about yourself., your activities, achievements and dealing with others. Since you know his mind, and are aware of his requirements, why not take the initiative and present them yourself . you need not have to leave it to him to wriggle and struggle with you to extract the information. Instead, you can subtly and tactfully convey it yourself in the course of the conversation. It is for you then to take advantage of the possible opening in the conversation and present your assets in the best possible manner. It means that you should be ready to talk and touch on such favorable incidents of your life and experience when the opportunity presents itself. Do not keep on saying ‘ Yes’ or ‘No’ monotonously all the time when questions are put to you. First understand the question pully and determine what all or what exactly he wants to know. When he asks about your educational qualifications, sports activities, hobbies, domestic background, friendships and association, travel experiences, job experiences, reading habbies,life’s ambitions and so on, you will have all the opportunities you need. Since you are going to blow your own trumpet, it has to be done in discreet, subtle diplomatic and expert manner. It should not be too loud, blaring or jarring. The best thing , therefore, is to state the facts and Refrain from drawing any conclusions yourself. Do not talk about the qualities or attributes you possess but state your performances accurately and leave the task of drawing any inferences to the interviewer. If you have consistently secured distinctions and position in your academic career, do mention them when you deal with that topic. If the topic does not come up by itself, then find the appropriate opening where it could naturally be introduced. It is here your initiative should be brought to olay its part. Similarly, you should present your co-curricular activities at the appropriate time. The same rule should also be followed to highlight all your other strong points. At the same time you should remember to stay within bounds, to be tactful and to proceed judiciously when taking the initiative. Do not change the topic totally unconnected matters. Never rub it in. don’t show yourself to be over anxious. In other words, do not overdo. First, be a good listener and Encourage him to talk if he is inclined to do so. When you play the role of a listener, be interesting, lively, enthusiastic and appreciate. All of us would like to have such an audience when we talk.

Interview, after all, is nothing but face to face conversation with a purpose. If you make the conversation interesting and enjoyable, your purpose is achived. To make it interesting, you have to listen and talk as the occasion demands. You must listen with interest and talk with purpose. In both cases you must exercise initiative to say the right things at the right time. Imaginative use of initiative in the interview will thus ensure you sure SUCCESS.

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