Interview – UPSC Board Interview and SSB Interview

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Interview – UPSC Board Interview and SSB Interview

In the case of the UPSC, the interviews for selection to IAS and similar appointments are conducted by a Board of experts and officials. Each Board will have a Chairman and certain number of Members. Some of the members could be specialists in various fields. Some other members may be senior officers belonging to IAS and other similar services. The candidate has to face the entire Board. Normally he is given the seating plan in advance which gives the particulars and positions of the Chairman and the Members.

The candidate in the first instance should address his queries or replies to the Chairman. Later when a particular Member asks the questions he can turn towards the Member and answer the questions suitably. But his replies are meant for the benefit of the entire Board. The candidate will be assessed by the Chairman and the Members of the Interview Board individually. Thereafter the average will be worked out an assigned to his credit. The duration of the UPSC Board interview is rather short as compared to the SSB. The Interview officers are specially trained in conducting interviews. They, therefore, take care to establish the required rapport with the candidate.

The interview is normally conducted in an ideal setting. In the case of the UPSC Board, the experts or specialists and senior service members need not necessarily be trained personnel in the art of interview. The candidate appearing for the Board interview should bear this in mind. He must use more tact and poise in presenting his answers. His personal grooming and appearance will have a greater impact in the case of the Board interview.

Finally, in the case of Board, the candidate should also be prepared for questions in the special subjects of his choice. The specialists may like to ask some questions in their particular fields. Apart from these subtle matters, the nature of the interview in both cases could be termed to be the same. The candidate must use fair initiative and project his strong points tactfully and gently during the course of the conversation. First of all he must clearly and carefully understand the question and grasp its meaning. The ability to learn and improve rather than knowledge itself, is assessed during the interview. Above all, the candidate should never lose his temper. At the same time one need not be offensive and rude. A balanced behaviour and sense of humour are essential. The ability to speak and put across one’s view forcefully and convincingly matters a great deal. One must therefore, gain adequate practice in advance.

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