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MAT Test Pattern

The test is designed to measure a person’s general aptitudes and English competence (both verbal & written) or Computer Skills as the following table indicates :

The test Contains 128 mandatory and 20 optional Questions spread with separate Essay Writing & Letter Writing over Five Sections. Each Section is timed separately. Total time of the Test is 3 Hours.

The Questions cover Analytical Reasoning Skills ( Intelligence & Critical Reasoning ), Quantitative Skills ( Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis & Sufficiency ), Verbal Skills ( Language Comprehension ), Indian & International Environment, Written Skills ( Essay Writing & Letter Writing ).

Structure of Business Management Aptitude Test

SI. No.Event Date & Time
1. Sale of Prospectus with Goa 2nd Year CET 2012 Admission Forms 3rd April, 2012 ( Tuesday ) to 13th April, 2012 ( Friday ).
2. Start of receiving of G2CET 2012 application form ( Form C ) at Application Reception Centre9th April, 2012 ( Monday )
3. Last date for receiving G2CET 2012 forms ( Form C ) at Application Reception Centre 13th April, 2012 ( Friday )
4. Last date to collect G2CET Exam 2012 Admit Card from Application Reception Centre 13th April, 2012 ( Friday )
5. G2CET Exam Dates 201211 May, 2012 ( Friday )
6. G2CET Exam Result 2012 ( Expected ) 25th May, 2012 ( Friday )
7. Start of receiving of G2CET 2012 application form ( Form D ) at Admission Centre 5th June, 2012 ( Tuesday )
8. Last date for receiving G2CET 2012 application form ( Form D ) at Admission Centre 8th June, 2012 ( Friday )
9. Display of Eligibility List at Goa 2nd Year CET 2012 Admission Centre 2nd July, 2012 ( Monday )
10. Last date for compliance with deficiencies in G2CET 2012 eligibility 3rd July, 2012 ( Tuesday )
11. Display of Provisional Merit List at G2CET 2012 Admission Centre 4th July, 2012 ( Wednesday )
12. Display of Final Merit List at G2CET Exam 2012 Admission Centre 5th July, 2012 ( Thursday )
13. First Round of Goa 2nd Year CET 2012 Admission 6th July, 2012 ( Friday )
14. Second Round of G2CET 2012 Admission 20th July, 2012 ( Friday )
15. Extra Round of G2CET Exam 2012 Admission due to unexpected circumstances ( if required ) As notified in news papers

Marks Allocation

Date Subject Timings
6th May, 2012 ( Sunday )Physics and Chemistry10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon
2.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Biology3.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Section / Test Skills Description

Analytical Reasoning Skills

The Questions on Analytical Skills examine the logical thinking abilities of a candidate. Do remember that a particular Question is less important than the reasoning task you are asked to perform. No specialized knowledge of any particular field is required for answering the questions, and no knowledge of the terminology and conventions of formal logic is presumed.

In the Questions on Analytical Skills you need to analyse the situations on which each Question is based and then select the answer choice that is most appropriate response to the question. Each set of Questions or group of Questions is based on a passage or set of conditions.

In answering some of the Questions, it may be useful to draw a rough diagram. For each Question, select the best answer from the choices given, Darken the corresponding oval in the answer sheet.
Quantitative Skills

The BMAT Quantitative Skills Questions measure your ability to reason Quantitatively, solve Quantitative problems, and interpret graphic data.
Types of multiple – choice Questions include :

  • Problem-Solving
  • Data Sufficiency

Problem – Solving and Data Sufficiency Questions require basic knowledge of :

For each Question in Quantitative Skills sections, select the correct or the best of the answer choices numbered (1), (2), (3) and (4) and darken the oval corresponding to your choice in the answer sheet.

Number : All numbers are real numbers.
Figures : Position of points, angles, regions, etc., can be assumed to be positive.
Lines drawn as straight can be assumed to be straight.

Figures that accompany questions are intended to provide information useful in answering the questions. However, unless it is stated, a specific figure is not drawn to scale; the diagrams and figures are drawn as accurately as possible; you should solve these problems not by estimating sizes by sight or by measurement, but using your knowledge of mathematics.

Verbal Skills

The BMAT Verbal Skills sections measure your ability to read and comprehend written material in English language, to reason and evaluate arguments, and to correct written material to conform standard written English. Because the Verbal sections include reading sections from different context areas, you may be generally familiar with some of the material, however, neither the written passages nor the questions assume detailed knowledge of the topics discussed.
Types of Multiple Choice questions used in Verbal sections include :

In brief, the questions in Verbal Skills sections test your recognition of correct grammatical usage, vocabulary, and familiarities with words, your understanding and comprehension of the language (English) while reading and your ability to write clearly and briefly.

Written Skills ( Essay Writing & Letter Writing )

The BMAT Written Skill sections measure your ability to write the Essay and Letter. Following is the break up of Marks :

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Call letters for NPAT 2015 will be available on at 5.00 pmWednesday, 6th May, 2015
Conduct of NPAT 2015 Online Test Time 10.00 am to 12.00 noon ( Reporting time 8.45 am )Saturday 9th & Sunday, 10th May, 2015
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