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GMAT Entrance Exam Details 2021

GMAT “Graduate Management Admission Test” is administered and conducted as Computer Adaptive Test ( CAT ) which measures the aptitude, critical and verbal ability of students. GMAT is the gateway to acquire standardized management studies globally. Most of the United States, Canadian and European business schools require GMAT for MBA admission.

GMAT was launched in 1954 by a group of 9 Bschools to provide a standardized management education across the world. GMAT is conducted by a global non – profitable organization of business schools ( GMAC ). GMAT measures candidates’ mental intelligence and ability to make decision under time pressure.

GMAT exam dates 2021:

GMAT exam dates fall on almost all days of the year. It can be taken round the year and there is no specific period when the test can be taken. In fact, in the current times, you can take the GMAT from your home 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. However, GMAT test centers give specific dates in a month and it’s really necessary to book your appointment in advance so that you can get your desired time and date. Also, it’s very important to pick a correct GMAT date because the goal of taking the GMAT is not only to ace it but also to secure an admit from a top business school.

To choose a suitable GMAT exam date for yourself in 2021, the best strategy is to look backward and connect the dots. The idea of connecting the dots comes from a Stanford graduation speech. Steve Jobs in his famous Stanford graduation speech said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward.” This quote is the core idea behind the ‘looking backward’ approach while deciding the best GMAT test date.

GMAT Exam dates January to April 2021

GMAT Exam pattern with effect from June, 2021 is as follows :

MethodologyCode No Percent
Mathematics Methodology ( MS )01 30%
Physical Sciences Methodology ( PS ) 02 15%
Biological Sciences Methodology ( BS) 03 25%
Social Studies Methodology ( SS )0430%

GMAT Online 2021

GMAC has announced four key enhancements to the GMAT Online Exam starting April 8, 2021. With these enhancements, the GMAT Online exam will provide you with even more choices and flexibility. Here are the four enhancements that will be available:

  • View your official score immediately
  • Select your section order
  • Take two 8-minute optional breaks
  • Write your AWA assessment

Due to th COVID-19 outbreak, many GMAT test centers are closed around the world, making it challenging for students to give the exam. To overcome this problem, the Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) has launched an online alternative to the GMAT Exam – The GMAT Online Exam, which will let students take an online GMAT exam at home.

Eligible for At-Home GMAT Online

The online GMAT test will be available in impacted geographies, outside of Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Slovenia. Thus, anyone who is not able to take the test due to COVID-19  is eligible for taking the GMAT Exam at home.

For test-takers in Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Slovenia, GMAC is working closely with the government authorities to present an alternative solution.

Registration fee for the GMAT Online

The registration fee for GMAT Online is $250. You can reschedule or cancel your GMAT online appointment 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. There is a reschedule fee and cancellation fee.

You can reschedule your appointment anytime before their scheduled exam time for a fee of $25. The cancellation fee for the GMAT Online exam is $100.

No appointment changes can be made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.

Structure of the GMAT Online

There are no changes in format as compared to the in-person GMAT exam. The number of questions and the duration of the section will be as follows:

  • Quantitative – 31 questions and 62 minutes
  • Verbal – 36 questions and  65 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning – 12 questions and 30 minutes

One significant change to the Interim online GMAT Exam is that there will have no AWA section. However, starting April 8, 2021, you will be able to take the AWA section for the GMAT Online Exam.

I. Analytical Writing Assessment :

This section measures general ability to think critically and to communicate ideas. In Analysis of Argument the candidate is asked to analyze the reason behind the argument and to write critique about the argument. This will help to find out the ability of constructing critiques based on the critical thinking on the argument. Analysis of Argument section helps to scale the complexity of arguments.

II. Integrated Reasoning :

This section is divided into 4 parts :

  1. Multi – source reasoning
  2. Table analysis
  3. Graphics interpretation
  4. Two part analysis

Integrated Reasoning section totally consists of 12 questions. Since this particular section is not computer adaptive, changing the answers is not possible here. An online calculator is available for the task competition.

  • Multi – source reasoning : It tests the ability to assimilate data from different sources, combine different kinds of information to solve problems. Skill in verbal and quantitative reasoning is required for attending MSR questions
  • Table analysis : It measures the ability to decide how to organize data to solve the problem efficiently.
  • Graphics Interpretation : GI problems will incorporate data interpretation and integration, discerning relationship among data and maintaining interferences from set of data.
  • Two part analysis : Measures ability to solve complex problems.

III. Quantitative Reasoning :

Quantitative reasoning is further divided into Problem solving and Data Sufficiency.To attend Problem solving questions, the candidates have to apply their logical and analytical reasoning skills. Data sufficiency measures the ability to analyze a quantitative problem to recognize which information is relevant.

IV. Verbal Section :

Verbal section has three divisions, Reading comprehension, Critical reasoning and sentence correction.

  • Reading Comprehension : Measures the ability to understand, analyze and apply information and concept in written form.
  • Critical Reasoning : It is to test the reasoning skills, involved in making argument, evaluating argument and forming or evaluating a plan of action.
  • Sentence correction : One should have sound knowledge in English to answer this section.

Planning GMAT appointment :

Even though GMAT is conducted through out the year, one should try to schedule the exam date in advance. Most of the dates are filled by two months in advance at many centres. So, minimum six months in advance is advisable. Once you select the test centre, you should get GMAT exam appointment through Online, by phone, by fax, by mail. $10 is charged for scheduling, rescheduling and canceling the GMAT exam over phone.

GMAT scores :

Your Total GMAT score will be displayed at the end of your test ( You will be given an option to cancel your score before it is displayed, not after ). You will also receive a printout with your scores and percentiles at the test center ( unofficial score report). Your AWA score will not be available for up to 20 days. You can receive your official scores by mail or electronically. The electronic option is faster and more convenient.

To report / send GMAT score reports to schools :

At the beginning of the test, you will be given an option to send your score reports to up to 5 schools. It takes 20 days after the test for the reports to reach the schools. This service is included in the $250 test fee. You can request to send reports to additional schools, and that can be done here. Note that it will cost you $28 per report / school. Additional reports take 7 days to reach schools after the date the scores are reportable. ( This means that even if you order reports the day after you take the test, they will only reach schools 27 days after the test date ). You can access your GMAT Score Reports online.

GMAT Score report Information :

Test – taker’s copy of the score report ( electronic or paper ) will contain your demographics information, self-reported GPA and undergrad information, list of up to 5 schools you sent your scores to ( this is visible only to you ) and 5 of the last GMAT scores taken in the past 5 years. Note that even if you cancel your score ( more about that later ), a record will still appear on your report indicating the date of the test taken and a canceled score.

GMAT Contact Address :

11921 Freedom Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190 USA,
Phone No. : +1 ( 703 ) 668 – 9604,
Fax : +1 ( 703 ) 668 – 9601,
Email :,
Website :

GMAC/GMGC India Office*
Gurugram, India
Phone: +91 124 4945270
*Graduate Management Admission Council (India) Private Ltd. CIN: U74140HR2010FTC041751
*Graduate Management Global Connection (India) Private Ltd. CIN: U74900HR2015FTC054366

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