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Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test ( RMAT ) stands discontinued. Admission to the Post Graduate Management Degree Programs ( MBA ) will be take place by considering AICTE CMAT Scores. Further details regarding eligible educational qualifications and other criteria will be available in the website of www.rtu.ac.in

RMAT Exam Date 2021

Rawatbhata Road, Kota – 324 010,
Phone No. : 0744 – 2473861,
Email : rtuweb@gmail.com,
Website : www.rtu.ac.in.

Rajasthan Technical University invites applications from the students of Rajasthan Domicile for admission to the two year MBA course for the session 2021 – 2022 for state quota in the management institutions in Rajasthan through a Rajasthan Management Aptitude Test 2021 ( RMAT ).

RMAT Exam Date 2021 :

RMAT 2021 Exam Date : Last week of May, 2021.

RMAT Eligibility Criteria 2021 :

  • An examinees must possess bachelor ( 10+2+3 ) degree or equal from any accredited University with at least 50% marks in aggregate ( 45% in case of SC / ST and Non Creamy Layer OBC examinees ), without any approximation in the Graduate Examination.
  • Candidate appearing for the qualifying examination ( Graduate Degree ) in 2021 are also eligible.
  • Final year appearing scholars are needed to refer a certificate from college / institution.

RMAT Exam Domicile Criteria 2021 :

RMAT 2021 is open to the examinees of Rajasthan Domicile only.

I. Domicile Category – A

The candidate himself / herself or any of his / her natural parents ( father / mother ) is a bonafide resident of Rajasthan. ( or )

II. Domicile Category – B

Candidate has studied continuously as a regular student in recognized educational institutions in Rajasthan for the preceding five years up to and including the year in which he / she has passed the qualifying examination. ( or )

III. Domicile Category – C

Candidate is a son / daughter of either a serving employee or of a retired employee of any of the following :-

  1. Government of Rajasthan ( including officers of All India Service borne on the State cadre of Rajasthan ).
  2. Undertakings / Corporations / Improvement Trusts / Municipal Boards / Panchayat Samities / Cooperative Bodies duly constituted by the Government of Rajasthan.
  3. Statutory Bodies and Corporations formed under the Indian Companies act incorporated in Rajasthan. ( or )

IV. Domicile Category – D

Candidate is a son / daughter of an employee of the Universities in Rajasthan or Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan or Government aided Engineering Colleges of Rajasthan who has put in at least three years service on the date of submission of application in any of the above bodies. ( or )

V. Domicile Category – E

Candidate is a son / daughter of an employee of Central Government or Institutions of the Central Government including Public Sector Undertakings or Corporations and who is on the regular rolls and is serving in the State of Rajasthan on the date of RMAT application. ( or )

VI. Domicile Category – F

Candidate is a son / daughter of an employee of Rajasthan origin, serving in Defence / Central Government Services / Public Sector undertakings / National Institutes of Government of India, who has put in at least three years service on the last date for submission of RMAT application irrespective of his / her place of posting provided a certificate is submitted by the employee from the employer to this effect stating the State of origin and the home town as given by him / her at the time of his / her entry into service.

Note :-

  1. Ex – Servicemen ( Ex – S ) and the Defence Killed ( DK ) persons should be of Rajasthan origin for eligibility of their children in these categories. The State of origin and home town as entered in the discharge certificate shall only be accepted as proof in respect of the above.
  2. A copy of discharge certificate and PPO must necessarily be enclosed to seek reservation / relaxation in this category. The discharge certificate and PPO must be produced in original at the time of RMAT Counseling 2012.
  3. For the wards of defence personnel from other State but serving in the State of Rajasthan, the domicile condition is waved off to enable them to appear in the RMAT MBA Entrance Test and be selected in general quota. However, they would not be eligible for Ex – S / DK Category.
  4. Sons / daughters of the displaced persons from Jammu & Kashmir ( KM ) shall be eligible for admission through RMAT 2012. The candidate has to submit a certificate from the competent authority as a proof of being son / daughter of a displaced person from Jammu & Kashmir.

RMAT Exam Schedule 2021 :

Name of SubjectDescription
ChemistryProperties and composition of various elements
ChemotherapyTreatment of a Disease by certain chemical compounds
ChronologyComputing of period of time and assignment of dates with events
ConchologyStudy of shells
CosmologyThe Science of universe as a whole
CryogenicsProduction and application of very low temperature
CryptographyStudy of Cell formation
EcologyStudy of Relations of animals and plants to their environment
EconomicsStudy of production, consumption and distribution of wealth
EntomologyStudy of Insects
EpidemiologyStudy of Epidemics
EpigraphyStudy of Inscriptions
EthicsPsychological Study of moral conduct and duty
EthnologyStudy of mental and physical differences of mankind
EtymologyStudy of the origin and history of words
ExobiologyScience dealing with life existing beyond Earth
GeneticsScience of Heredity
GeologyStudy of condition and structure of the Earth
GerentologyScience of old age
HaematologyScience dealing with the formation, composition, functions and diseases of the blood
HorticultureGarden cultivation
HydrographyTreatment of diseases with water
HydrophonicsCulture of plants without soil, only in solutions
HydroponicsCulture of plants without soil
HydrostaticsThe relation of pressure to equilibrium of fluids
HyetologyStudy of rainfall
HygieneStudy of Health
JurisprudenceThe Science of knowledge of law
IconographyTeaching by pictures and models
LexicographyCompiling of dictionary
MammographyA technique of quicker diagnosis of breast cancer among women
MetallurgyStudy of Science and Technology of metals
MeteorologyAtmospheric phenomena
MorphologyPosition, Structure and form of different plants and animals
MorphotogenyOrigin and growth of any living organism
MycologyThe study of fungi
NumismaticsStudy of coins
OdontographyStudy of teeth
OpticsNature and properties of light
OrnithologyStudy of birds
OsteologyThe study of bones
PalaeontologyStudy of fossils
PathologyNature, causes and remedies of diseases
PhrenologySkull and brain
PhilatelyStamp collection
PhoneticsStudy of the sounds of spoken language
PhysicsMaterial bodies
PhysiologyStructure and function of animal and plant life
PhysiograpyStudy of natural geography
PsychologyStudy of mind
RadiologyRadiant energy
SeismologyScience of earthquakes
SericultureSilkworm rearing
SociologySocial problems and human progress
TelepathyCommunication of two minds at a distance with the help of thought, feelings and emotions
TherapeuticsHealing of diseases and laws of health
TribologyThe study of inter-acting surfaces in relatives motion
VirologyStudy of Viruses
ZoologyAnimal life

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