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AIPGMEE 2021 Online Application Form

  • AIPGMEE Online applications can be accessed and completed till 11:59 hrs on 4th week of November,2020. only.
  • Registration for appearing in the AIPGMEE 2021 is to be undertaken online at the website
  • Application forms CANNOT be submitted in offline mode / printed copy by post; Candidates will be required to provide 3 choices of preferred locations where they are willing to take the test. Test centres shall be allotted to the candidates as per automated selection by the software. No request for change in date / centre / session shall be entertained.
  • The prescribed registration fee of ₹ 2750/- ( for SC / ST / PWD / ( PH ) candidates ) and ₹ 3750/- ( for General / OBC candidates ) should be remitted through payment gateway provided using a Credit Card or a Debit Card issued by banks in India or through Internet banking. For more information, please visit the website
  • Candidates who are completing OR likely to complete their internship AFTER 31st March, 2021┬áneed not apply for the AIPGMEE as they shall be ineligible to participate at any stage of the admission process.

AIPGMEE 2021 Filling of Online Application Form

  • The online registration website for AIPGMEE for admission to MD / MS / Diploma courses for 2021 session is available at website Candidates are advised to carefully go through the registration guide available on the website before starting to the online registration.
  • Candidate may note that there is no option for submitting the form other than the online mode, offline applications or printed copies cannot be accepted.
  • Candidates are advised to go through the instructions given and overview of the application before proceeding to fill up the online application.
  • Online Applications for admission to the examination should be completed by the prescribed cutoff date.
    At the end of Registration, the applicant will get a computer generated acknowledgement at the registered email id of the applicant. Admit card will be issued to candidate once test centre has been allotted to the candidate. All fields marked* in the online registration form are mandatory
  • Applications of candidates producing false or fabricated information will not be considered and candidates may be further debarred from appearing in any future examinations.
  • Candidates must preserve hard copy of application form ( confirmation page ) till end of counseling process as details mentioned in acknowledgement form will be required by selected candidates for Registration for online counseling for allotment of PG seat under All India Quota.

AIPGMEE 2021 Examination Fee

AIPGMEE Examination FEE :

  • ₹ 2750/- ( For SC / ST / PWD ( PH ) candidates )
  • ₹ 3750/- ( For General / OBC candidates )

The above fee is inclusive of examination fee and information bulletin; Please note that information bulletin will not be sold separately. Information Bulletin shall be available at website for information.

How to pay for AIPGMEE 2021

1. The prescribed registration fee should be remitted through payment gateway provided using a Credit Card or a Debit Card issued by banks in India or through Internet Banking. For more information, please visit the website

2. Candidates remaining absent from the examination or ineligible will forfeit their examination fee. Candidates are advised to read the rule position carefully and satisfy the terms and conditions for fulfillment of eligibility criteria before proceeding for payment of fees.

3. Fees shall neither be refunded nor carried forward if the application for AIPGMEE is Rejected / Candidature is found to be ineligible or Candidate is unable to appear in the Examination.

AIPGMEE 2021 Important Dates

128138Government Deg. CollegeGovernment Deg. College,GajwelMedak
129180N M Degree College,N M Degree College, JogipetMedak
130213Government Jr CollegeGovernment Jr College, ChinnakodurMedak
131224Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, SadasivapetMedak
13210Nagarjuna Government CollegeNagarjuna Government College, NalgondaNalgonda
13340KNM Government Degree CollegeKNM Government Degree College, MiryalagudaNalgonda
13458Governmentjunior CollegeGovernmentjunior College, AlairNalgonda,Amaravadinagar, SuryapetNalgonda
136111Governmentjunior CollegeGovernmentjunior College, NagarjunasagarNalgonda
137121MKR Governmentdegree CollegeMKR Governmentdegree College, DeverkondaNalgonda
138144Government Jr. College ( Boys )Government Jr. College ( Boys ), BhongirNalgonda
139147Krr Government Jr CollegeKrr Government Jr College, KodadNalgonda
140158Governmentdegree College for WomenGovernmentdegree College for Women, NalgondaNalgonda
141181Government Deg. CollegeGovernment Deg. College, RamannapetNalgonda
142182Ramakrishna Deg. CollRamakrishna Deg. Coll, HaliyaNalgonda
143199Priyadarshini Degree CollegePriyadarshini Degree College, HuzurnagarNalgonda
144200Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, MothkurNalgonda
14511Sri Sarvodaya CollegeSri Sarvodaya College, NelloreNellore
14659Jawahar Bharathi CollegeJawahar Bharathi College, KavaliNellore
14782Y.r.Junior CollegeY.r.Junior College, VinjamoorNellore
148101Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, NaidupetNellore
149159D.K Government Degree College for WomenD.k Government Degree College for Women, NelloreNellore
150183Gs Arts & Sci. Degree CollegeGs Arts & Sci. Degree College, Ramachandrapuram, BuchireddypalemNellore
151193Dr.s.r J Degree CollegeDr.s.r J Degree College,AtmakurNellore
152214MRR Government Degree CollegeMRR Government Degree College, UdayagiriNellore
153226Central PrisionCentral Prision, NelloreNellore
15412Girraj Government CollegeGirraj Government College, NizamabadNizamabad
15560SRNK Government Degree CollegeSRNK Government Degree College, BanswadaNizamabad
15695GovernmentArts & Science CollegeGovernmentArts & Science College, KamareddyNizamabad
157104Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, BodhanNizamabad
158135Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, MorthadNizamabad
159185Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, ArmoorNizamabad
160201Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, BheemgalNizamabad
161215Care Degree CollegeCare & Degree College, Railway Stn Rd, NizamabadNizamabad
162216Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, BichukondaNizamabad
163222Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, YellareddyNizamabad
16413Csr Sarma CollegeCsr Sarma College, OngolePrakasam
16543VRS & YRN CollegeVRS & YRN College, ChiralaPrakasam
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16672Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, MarturPrakasam
16790Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, KanigiriPrakasam
168122Sri Vivekananda Arts & Sci. Coll.Sri Vivekananda Arts & Sci. Coll., GiddalurPrakasam
169133Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, ChimakurthyPrakasam
170152S V K P CollegeS V K P College, MarkapurPrakasam
171203Trr Governmentdegree CollegeTrr Governmentdegree College, KandukurPrakasam
17231Centre PrisonCentre Prison, CharlapalliRangareddy
17370Sap Arts & Science CollegeSap Arts & Science College, VikarabadRangareddy
174114Pallavi Degree CollegePallavi Degree College, PargiRangareddy
175125Peoples CollegePeoples College, TandurRangareddy
176169Government Jr.collegeGovernment, ChevellaRangareddy
177170Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, MedchalRangareddy
178171Government jr. CollegeGovernment jr. College, HayatnagarRangareddy
179172Government Jr.collegeGovernment,Ibrahim PatnamRangareddy
180218Cap Vocational Jr CollegeCap Vocational Jr College, Shapur NagarRangareddy
181221Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, Rajendra NagarRangareddy
18223P.G. CollegeP.G. College ( OU ), R.P. RoadSecunderabad
18324New Government Junior CollegeNew Government Junior College, Y.M.C.A.Secunderabad
18427Rly Junior CollegeRly Junior College, LallagudaSecunderabad
18532Mahboob CollegeMahboob College, S.P.RoadSecunderabad
186131Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, MalkajgiriSecunderabad
187139SP CollegeSp College, Padmarao Nagar, SecunderabadSecunderabad
188189Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, Bollaram, Sec'badSecunderabad
18916Government Degree College for MenGovernment Degree College for Men, SrikakulamSrikakulam
19044Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, TekkaliSrikakulam
19183Governmentjunior College for BoysGovernmentJunior College for Boys, ItchapuramSrikakulam
192204Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, PathapatnamSrikakulam
193207Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College,PalasaSrikakulam
19419Dr.VS Krishna Governmentdeg.collegeDr.VS Krishna GovernmentDeg. College, VisakhapatnamVisakhapatnam
19568SGA. Government Degree CollegeSGA. Government Degree College, YelamanchiliVisakhapatnam
196128Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, PaderuVisakhapatnam
19720M.R. CollegeM.R. College, VizianagaramVizianagaram
19892S.V. Degree CollegeS.V. Degree College, ParvathipuramVizianagaram
19921University Arts & Science Col.University Arts & Science Col., WarangalWarangal
20069Government junior CollegeGovernment junior College, MuluguWarangal
20175Kakatiya Government deg.collegeKakatiya Government, HanamkondaWarangal
20287ABV Government Degree CollegeABV Government Degree College, JangaonWarangal
203105Government Junior College for BoysGovernment Junior College for Boys, MahaboobabadWarangal
204113Government junior CollegeGovernment junior College, ParkalWarangal
205117Central PrisonCentral PrisonWarangal
206149Sidhartha Junior CollegeSidhartha Junior College, BhupalapallyWarangal
207150Government Junior CollegeGovernment Junior College, KodakandlaWarangal
208186Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, CherialWarangal
209187Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, ThorurWarangal
210225Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, EturunagaramWarangal
2114Sir CRR CollegeSir CRR College, EluruWest Godavari
21245D.N.R. CollegeD.N.R. College, BhimavaramWest Godavari
21353Government Jr. CollegeGovernment Jr. College, PolavaramWest Godavari
214112AKRG Degree CollegeAKRG Degree College, NallajerlaWest Godavari
215151Smt. Kondepati Sarojini Devi-mahila KalasalaSmt. Kondepati Sarojini Devi-mahila Kalasala, TanukuWest Godavari
216206Government Degree CollegeGovernment Degree College, ChintalapudiWest Godavari

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.