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Asso CET 2021 Online Application Form Candidates can apply for AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Entrance Exam only through “Online”. AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Online Application Form The Asso CET 2021 The information Brochure and online application Form will be available from March, 2021. Before filling Online Application form, download information brochure of Asso CET 2021 […]

AMUPMDC Asso CET Physics Syllabus

AMUPMDC 2020 Physics Syllabus Contents Class XI Syllabus Unit I : Physical World and Measurement Physics : Scope and excitement; nature of physical laws; Physics, technology and society. Need for measurement : Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of measuring instruments; […]

AMUPMDC Asso CET Chemistry Syllabus

AMUPMDC 2020 Chemistry Syllabus Contents of Class XI Syllabus Unit I : Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry General Introduction : Important and scope of chemistry. Laws of chemical combination, Dalton’s atomic theory : concept of elements, atoms and molecules. Atomic and molecular masses. Mole concept and molar mass; percentage composition and empirical and molecular formula; […]

AMUPMDC Asso CET Biology Syllabus

AMUPMDC 2020 Biology Syllabus Contents of Class XI Syllabus Unit I : Diversity in Living World What is living? ; Biodiversity; Need for classification; Three domains of life; Taxonomy & Systematics; Concept of species and taxonomical hierarchy; Binomial nomenclature; Tools for study of Taxonomy – Museums, Zoos, Herbaria, Botanical gardens. Five kingdom classification; salient features […]


AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Results AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Exam Date AMUPMDC Entrance Exam will be conducted on May, 2021. AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Result AMUPMDC Asso CET 2021 Results likely to be declared in the month of June, 2021. Email Registration for AMUPMDC Asso CET Results 2021 Please keep watching this page, to check […]

Association of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges – AMUPMDC Entrance Exam

AMUPMDC Entrance Exam – AMUPMDC Asso CET Exam Date – AMUPMDC Medical Common Entrance Exam

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.