National Institute of Siddha MD Seats 2020

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National Institute of Siddha MD Seats 2020

BranchCourse NameNumber of Seats
IIISirappu Maruthuvam8
IVKuzhandhai Maruthuvam8 ( 7+1 ) BIMSTEC
VNoi Nadal7
VINanjunoolum Maruthuva Neethinoolum7
Total46 ( 45 + 1 ) BIMSTEC

* The number of seats indicated above are provisional and are subject to change as per recommendation of CCIM.

National Institute of Siddha MD 2020 Seats Reservation

Out of the total seats, one seat is allotted for a Foreign ( BIMSTEC ) student by rotation from any one of the existing Branches. This year 2020 – 21, it is allotted to Branch – III Sirappu Maruthuvam. If the seat remains vacant after the deadline the vacant seat shall be offered to Indian student from the General Category on merit basis.

Out of the remaining seats, 15% are reserved for natural born SC candidates, 7.5% for natural born ST candidates and 27% for OBC candidates. ( In respect of OBC candidates, certificate of OBC status and exclusion from creamy layer for the year 2020 – 21 should be produced )

If the seat reserved for ST category remains unfilled after exhausting the waiting list of the said category the same shall be filled from the candidates belonging to the SC category on the basis of their merit in the National Institute of Siddha MD written Entrance Examination 2020.

National Institute of Siddha MD 2020 Special Category Seats

Siddha National Institute 3% of the total seats from the General category is reserved for Physically Handicapped candidates with locomotory disabilities of lower limbs between 50% and 70% under the Disability Act subject to the condition that the disability certificate issued by a duly constituted and authorized Medical Board is produced and the candidate possesses the minimum eligibility criteria as per MCI ( Medical Council of India ) guidelines*.

The Candidates should be otherwise fit medically. This seat is allotted on rotation basis among various branches. This year 2017 – 18, it is allotted to Kuzhandhai Maruthuvam Branch. However if the suitable candidate is not available, the seat will be filled up from the General Category on Merit Basis. Candidates aspiring to get seat under this special category should apply specifically along with the valid disability certificate.

  • If it involves only one lower limb it should have a minimum of 50% and should not exceed 70%.
  • If it involves both the lower limbs the total disability should not exceed 70% with a minimum of 50%.
  • In case candidates are not available in that category then the candidates with disability of lower limbs between 40% to 50% will also be considered for admission. In case disable candidates are not available under P.H. category, candidate from general category will be considered for admission.

In addition to any other medical certificate, the candidate for seeking the benefit of reservation as stated above should present himself / herself before a Medical Board comprising of at least one Expert / Specialist from the specialty of Orthopedics of a Central Government Hospital / Medical Institution in Delhi and Union territories and from State Medical Boards in the States and obtain a valid disability certificate from the Medical Board having been issued within three months prior to presenting his application for seeking admission in any medical course by claiming the benefit of reservation. In other words, the last valid disability certificate of the candidate from a Medical Board should not be more than three months old from the date of submitting his / her application for seeking admission in the reserved category for disabled candidates.

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