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Sainik Academy Institution Coimbatore – Certificate Details

  • An Indemnity bond will have to be signed by the Parent / Guardian at the time of¬† Sainik Academy Admission of the child. The same will be provided by Sainik¬† school.
  • Please attach two more coloured pass port size of photograph of the candidate.
  • Rules and Regulations for visiting the cadet during Sainik School Academic Session
  • Only on 2nd and 4th Sunday the parents would be allowed to see their children and take then out for 8 hours out of the premises of Sainik Academy school Hostel.
  • Normally no leave will be granted to the cadet, except on written request from the parent or guardian giving the details for absence. Maximum leave that can be granted is 07 days.
  • The Cadet will have to Wear the walking out dress even while accompanying the parents during the walking out Period.
  • The Cadets will be taken for prayers to all the religious places once a week, following a Cyclic Order. This is being done in order to Develop a Tolerance for Other Religions.

A note from Sainik Academy Officer In charge :

Dear Parents,

After having served in the Army for 26 years, I have now made it my mission to guide the future generation to opt for a career in the Defence Forces. The life in the Defence Forces will not make the candidate a disciplined but also it make them mentally rich. Constant update of knowledge gained in the Defence forces will make them face the life after retirement body.

As an officer the candidate enjoys best of everything. Your burden of educating your child and worrying about his future will be solved once he / she make of his mind to join the forces. It is up do you to decide. Sainik Academy is in temporary building and in a few years time it will get shifted to its own location which will have all the training facilities. We will do our best, the team members are all focused in making the Mission Impossible a possible one. We aim at awakening the God in the child and make him / her a better citizen of the future world.

We do not promise a five star culture in terms of accommodation and food, but we promise we will work in order to make the child a Gentleman and a Lady. The quality of Leadership will be given in doses so that when the child completes his or her tenure you will be proud of your child.

Deciding to enroll your son / daughter at Sainik Academy is a big step for any parent or relative. That’s why it’s important to see the Sainik Academy firsthand. We urge you to bring your son / daughter and spend a few hours with us. After all, you are considering making quite an investment in his / her future.

Sainik Academy Applications are accepted with the understanding that the applicant is willing to abide by Sainik Academy’s regulations should they be admitted. Sainik Academy accepts qualified applicants regardless of race, religion, or national origin, and does not discriminate unlawfully in the administration of its educational Policies, Scholarship and Loan Programs, or other school Programs.

The future of you child is now in your hands.

Sainik Academy Advisors :

Dr. Arvind Bhatnagar, M.B.B.S DCH ( Ireland ),
Dr. Doorai Kannan, M.B.B.S, DCH – Chairman,
Mrs. Doorai Kannan M.A, B.Ed, Principal Little kingdom,
Lt.Col CS Jayavel ( Retd ) Administrative Officer,
Colonel JM Kandasamy Ex Senior Group Testing Officer,
Mrs Rajeshwari. M.A., Chief Warden,
Advocate K.Rajendran B.A., B.L Consultant, Educational Trust, formalities. The members are consulted for any major policy decisions.

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Application Form Submission 16 Dec 2020 to 16 Jan 2021.