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Sainik Academy Institution Coimbatore – School Infrastructure

Sainik Academy have a school and a small hostel. Since it is the beginning we have a financial restriction that has not allowed us to give the best. Yet we assure you, that your child will be given reasonable accommodation, palatable food, and the best education. There are only 8 rooms and a big hostel.

The food is being cooked at home and is being served to cadets in the mess.

Each Cadet will be provided with a set of cutlery, which will be kept centrally and would be laid out during the time of meals. A menu which is approved by the Doctor in charge will be served for the cadets.

The school is now located in its temporary building. It is located 7.5 Kms from the central bus stand and 12 Kms from Coimbatore Railway station.

The local bus service that connect the school to the central bus stand are 2B, 4C, 3K, 3H, 3M, 21 D. From Gandhipuram Bus stand these local buses connect Sainik Academy VOC Nagar, once in every 45 minutes. The bus stops at the door step of Sainik Academy.

The Computer lab will be utilized to give the cadets, a modern education via multimedia. A Common Television set is available for entertaining the students during the week ends. It is necessary for all the cadets to watch the News every day.

News paper is being provided at the hostel. One cadet per day will read out the main headlines of the news during the assembly period. Sainik Academy has a minibus which will be used in case of emergency.

The Hostel has a phone which can be used to call the cadets. The time for using this phone is only between 8 to 9 PM. On Sundays and Holidays between 1000 to 1300 hours and 1700 to 2100 hours.

The Permanent Location of the School would be 22 KMs from the main city where in 20 acres land, has been earmarked for building the campus.

Parents Co – operation Request :

For maintenance of high discipline, efficiency and healthy traditions Parents  / Guardians are expected to extend their full co-operation in the following ways :

  1. Acknowledging promptly all Sainik Academy circulars regarding fees, escorts and progress reports and extra studies during the vacations.
  2. Not asking for leave of absence except in very exceptional circumstances.
  3. Ensuring that the cadet rejoins Sainik Academy on due date after vacation.
  4. Equipping the cadet with clothing and other necessary things required.
  5. Ensuring that the cadets do not possess valuable articles such as gold chains, rings etc.
  6. By mentioning the cadet’s Academy number, name, house and class in all the correspondence addressed to him/her or the principal. We will answer your entire quarry through email. In case any reply is required by post please send a self addressed stamped envelope.

Some Does and don’ts for Parents / Guardian :

  • Please note that the aim of this Sainik Academy is to coach cadets to choose Armed Forces as their career at the end of the school session.
  • In order to facilitate this aim, the school authorities will be giving a lot of stress on academics and over all development of the child.
  • You are requested to make a visit only during the permitted week of the month ie 2nd and 4th week Sunday.
  • Do not ask for leave, if the same can be avoided.
  • Sainik Academy being run by former defence officer, indiscipline will be strictly dealt with.

Pocket money the parents are requested to deposit the Pocket money the rate of  100 per month, which will be used to buy the monthly consumable items.

  • All the boxes will be kept under lock and key.
  • Please do not put any jewelry on the person of the cadets.
  • We do not even permit a watch to be worn by the cadet.
  • Cadets will be asked to write a letter a week. This will be done on every Saturday. Hence you are requested to give the child at least 10 inland envelop to the cadet.
  • Once in a year annual day will be celebrated. The parent will be informed about this in writing/e mail.
  • Sainik Academy officials may be contact over phone/ email.
  • The mess will serve only vegetarian food. However, eggs will be given thrice a week.

Do :

  • Please do write to your child regularly this will keep his sprits high.
  • Do respond to your child’s letter.
  • Do encourage him / her to take part in all competitions.

Don’ts : Do not give any money to the cadet during your visits.

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