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Sainik Schools prepare the boys academically and physically for entry into the National Defense Academy and other positions in Indian Military. Leadership qualities are cultivated through well run house and pre-factorial systems.

Students are exposed to the wholesome influence and ethos of discipline and duty so that they are brought up as sincere, dignified & well-balanced personalities as per Sainik School motto ‘Dignity and Valour’. Sainik School aims at developing qualities of body, mind and character which will enable the young boys to become useful citizens. Students who fail to make it to NDA are prepared for other walks of life.

Sainik School also stresses on removal of regional imbalance in the officer cadre of the defense services.

Sainik School Campus

Sainik School estate extends to about 280 acres. The main school building, dormitories for students, residential quarters for staff, planned dairy farm, fruit orchard, infirmary, open stadium, auditorium, boys mess, guest house and extensive playgrounds are all located in its well laid out Sainik School campus. The ‘Berach’ river skirts the eastern boundary of Sainik School estate.

On the eastern horizon also stands the majestic and historical 4th century AD fort of Chittor, aloft a plateau. This fort itself is memorable to the history of Rajasthan and India.

Sainik School Library :

Sainik School has well equipped library with reference section and a reading room. Library subscribes large number of news paper and periodicals.

Sainik School Mess :

The Cadets mess run by Sainik School has all modern kitchen appliances and has spacious enough dinning hall which provides facility to all cadets to dine-in together alongwith members of academic staff. Teachers helps cadets in learning Mess etiquettes and table manners.

Sainik School provides both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals as per laid down daily menu prepared with due care to provide balanced and nutritious diet to the cadets. The visiting parents are also permitted to have their meals in the mess on payment of nominal charges prescribed by the rules provided they give advance information to the Mess Manager to cater for their meals.

Sainik School Hostel :

Being fully residential public school cadets are accommodated in eight different houses namely Luv, Kush, Hamir, Sanga, Badal, Pratap, Kumbha, Jaimal. Each house also has two staff quarters. Three houses are earmarked for Junior cadets of Class VI & VII. Rest cadets are equally distributed to other five houses. One additional house is under construction, staff quarters in cadet houses are allotted to House Master and Hostel Supritendents to facilitate close and effective supervision of cadets.

All houses have TV, Indoor recreational facilities and separate telephone connection for cadets. Day to day house activities are supervised by cadets appointment under prefectorial system of living concept in houses. This also gives them opportunity to learn leadership traits.

Sainik School Medical Assistance :

Sainik School has full time Medical Officer along with trained Compounder / Nursing assistant posted in this School Hospital. Enough beds are available to admit sick cadets and provide them all essential treatment. Parents are informed immediately in case of serious sickness as per advise of Medical Officer, however no information is given in case of minor sickness. Cadets are also referred to Govt. Hospitals in case specialist opinion and treatments are required.

Expenditure incurred of Medicines are charged from pocket money of Cadets, however expenditure on all types of medical examination and pathological tests are borne by Sainik School. Medical examination of all cadets are carried out biannually. Details of all expenditure on medicines are maintained by Sainik School.

Sainik School Canteen :

Sainik School runs a canteen where all items of daily use are made available through Army Canteen Store Department (CSD) on comparative cheaper rate. Sainik School also runs a wet canteen which opens on holidays to cater the tea and snacks for cadets and visiting parents.

Sainik School Auditorium : Sainik School has an Auditorium with more than 500 seating capacity. There is a 35mm Film Project for screening educational as well as commercial movies. Auditorium besides being used as Cinema Hall is mainly used for morning Assembly and all literary and cultural functions.

Sainik School Curriculum & Medium of Instruction :

Sainik School is affiliated with CBSE and follows NCERT syllabus provided for Class VI to XII. Medium of instruction is English. Sainik School offers only Science stream at Secondary and Senior Secondary level keeping in view the eligibility conditions to appear for NDA entrance test conducted by UPSC. Besides Maths and Physics, the cadets are given option to take Computer Science or Biology as third optional subject at 10+2 level. Computer education, however, forms essential part of Sainik School curriculum at all levels.

Sainik School Bank & Post Office :

Both Post Office and Extension counter of State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur are located in the Sainik School campus to provide these services to the cadets at door step.

Sainik School Text Books & Stationery :

Sainik School has its own text book and stationery section which facilitates the provision and issue of text books, reference books and required stationery items to the cadets at a reasonable price to e borne by the parents.

Visit by Parents / Guardians: Parents / Guardians / Authorised local guardians may meet their wards on Sundays / Holidays between 10:00 hrs and 18:00hrs after obtaining prior permission from Headmaster / Registrar. Parents are not allowed to visit cadets, cadet’s mess, Art Room and Cadet Vatika have adequate seating arrange for such purposes.

Sainik School Parents Teacher Association ( PTA ) :

Sainik – School – Chittorgarh School has a well established Parents Teacher Association which meets every year during the Annual Day celebration with the following main objectives :

  • To Facilitate Interaction between Parents and Teachers.
  • To Seek Parents involvement in Sainik School’s Activities.
  • Election of Parent’s representative for “Local Board of Administration (LBA)”.

For further details, please contact Sainik School Address :

Sainik School, Chittorgarh,
Pin Code : 312 001.

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